August 8th, 2008

Do You Believe in Mother God?

Mother LoveYesterday evening in Washington Square Park (or what’s left of it), just after getting off the phone with my mother, a man and a woman approached me and asked if I knew about God the Mother. At first, forgetting myself, I said I didn’t want to have that conversation. Thankfully, the man (who did all of the talking) insisted, and I remembered that there are few joys greater than discovering a new line of belief. So, at least until my friend came to roll her eyes at me and truck me off to dinner, I sat and talked Bible with the Mother-lovers.

The guy, who later said his name was Arturo, got out his Bible, made sure that I believe the Bible in the first place (knowing a qualifying discourse on Higher Criticism could prove a hang-up, I assured that I did), and took me on a whirlwind tour of the passages he had underlined in red. First, of course, Genesis 1:

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

The bolded portions were Arturo’s favorites. These elusive first-person-plural passages in the Word, he insisted, prove that there are two images of God—when people were created in God’s image, they were made male and female. Therefore so must be God, male and female, Father and Mother. (I mentioned the ideas of Zechariah Sitchin, who believes that the plural-ish construction Elohim, the Hebrew word for God, refers to the race of aliens who seeded the human race. My interlocutor was not amused.)

Next we went to the end of the Book, to Revelation.

And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will show thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife.
And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, having the glory of God

And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

So he asked me, Who can give eternal life? Can people give eternal life? No. Who gives eternal life? God. And here the bride is talking about the water of life. Well the bride is usually interpreted as the Church, I said. But a community of people can’t give eternal life he replied. Only God can, so the bride must refer to God. Jerusalem as well, one way or another.

There were more Bible passages sandwiched between those. A pretty nice piece of exegesis, if you ask me. Someone should hold an annual contest for the most creative, pretty consistent, and wholly original reading one can get out of the Bible. There’d be billions of entries.

Over the course of my lesson, I kept asking what the consequences of this belief were. Does the Mother God change the way one acts? Toward women, perhaps? He all but said no. This is justification by faith alone, apparently, and not works. To these questions he started speaking of the second coming, even suggesting that Christ may have already arrived on earth. Like most prophetic talk, I couldn’t follow what he was getting at.

As Arturo led me through, questions came in a hurry, with no time to consider a reply. Like a Jehovah’s Witness study service, there is only one answer to every question, and it is what’s written in the book in front of you. No opportunity to think—not that I have such great hope for what thinking can accomplish. Sometimes there are better things than thinking. It is a striking performance, that’s all.

When I mentioned that I write about religion, which I often do to get reactions, he said, as do many Biblical literalists, This is not religion, this is truth.

When my friend came and I had to go, Arturo invited me to a Bible study at their “Elohim Academy.” I asked if they had any pamphlets (I keep a collection of those). No. A website? It’s under construction. I got the sense he didn’t want me trolling after them on the web. He gave me his email address and I shook his hand. The Asian woman with him, who said not a word, left me hanging.

Of course, this morning, I jumped out of bed and onto Google. Here’s what I’ve learned, in interesting-fun-fact form:

  • The World Mission Society Church of God was founded 1964 in Korea.
  • The founder, Ahn Sang-Hong, was believed to be Christ’s second coming, but he died in 1985 and was succeeded by Zang Gil-Jah, “the heavenly Mother.”
  • Ahn sang-hong was previously a Seventh-Day Adventist, and his new church retains Adventist beliefs about the Saturday Sabbath and not celebrating Christmas.
  • When they say “Holy Land,” what they mean is the Republic of Korea.
  • Not surprisingly, edgy Christians call the World Mission Society Church of God a “cult.” (I insist on the less judgmental formula “new religious movement.”)
  • The church received an award from the Korean government.

Anyhow, there is so much more to learn, as always.

Over the years I’ve heard a lot of impassioned feminist arguments against the maleness of the Christian God. Even at the most permissive orthodox formulation, only the Holy Spirit gets to be female, and she is only 1/3 and the least anthropomorphic part of the Godhead (a dove, for goodness sake). Here is an opportunity to change that: a biblically-certified Mother God, no Erich Neumann necessary.

It is fascinating that this exegetical move comes to us from Korea. The West (by which I also mean the Near East), after tiring itself out in the Trinitarian debates of the fourth century, seems to have closed the door on any more dividing up God. But first-generation-Christian Koreans may see things more liberally. Maybe, after stretching to comprehend for the first time one God in three persons, one of whom has two natures, adding on an extra female image doesn’t seem like such a stretch. The West solved the “problem” of femininity in the forth century by proclaiming the theotokos—Mary, the Mother of God. But Koreans, evangelized mainly by Protestants weary of the divinization of Mary, might have had to fend for themselves a bit more creatively.

(Exception: the Shakers, in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century England and America, believed that their leader Ann Lee was the female manifestation of Christ. What I don’t know is whether they used any of the biblical explanations that the World Mission Society employs.)

Arturo, one way another, was positively thrilled about the Mother God; there is no doubt about that. If anybody in the New York area would like to learn more, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you emailing him. I just might.

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158 Responses to “Do You Believe in Mother God?”

  1. Peter Steinfels

    Female manifestations of God are of course much more common in Eastern religious tradition or perhaps in all non-Abrahamic traditions. But as I read this I immediately thought of Ann Lee and then was glad to find her mentioned. There are in fact a number of prophetesses in modern Western Christianity who appeared to claim or be awarded a divine status. A few years ago major flaps broke out among Christian Scientists about similar claims made for Mary Baker Eddy and among Mormons about praying to the Mother. So this has never been a closed chapter in the West.

  2. anne

    These people stopped me at the Time Warner Center tonight (well, not these people exactly, I met Herly and Melissa, both in their 20s, super cheerful, and big fans of highlighter pens, judging from their bibles.

    I like to hear about new belief systems too, and I was curious to know more about the mother god, but the ladies didn’t seem so interested in having a real conversation. So I said no to the offer of a half hour bible study. I liked their business card though–cute photos of fuzzy puppies, penguins and big cats!

  3. Nathan

    Thanks for sharing your story! I wish I had gotten one of those business cards.

  4. Woody

    Hiya Nate,

    I’ve actaully spoken with some of these people before. I, myself, am studying Theology. I spent a long time talking with them about prophecy in the bible.
    Few people are aware of the fact that the formation of Europe is depicted (3) times
    in the book of Daniel (Chapters 2, 7 & 8). They knew about this and I was suprised and impressed by that!
    There has been a long standing problem within the Chirstian community of simply neglecting the Old Testament, which clearly encompasses the majority the bible and is said/shown to be rife with prophecy. The question comes down to where your Faith (as defined in Hebrews chapter 11, the first verse) is placed.
    As for Christmas, the history channel has that covered. X-mas is a fake! The bible says that Caesar took a census (for taxation) around the time that Christ was born. Historians have a record of this census and it was taken in the Spring.
    Now, last I checked, nobody in their right mind (or left for that matter…hahaha) decked the halls in April.
    And as far as the “Sabbath” is concerned, any Catholic priest worth his salt can tell you that the Sabbath is Sunday. I have had questions about this for quite some time, as my studies have yet to show any biblical veneration of Sunday, other than Easter…which is celebrated annually rather than weekly. But, you’d already know this.
    And further, if this guys talking about God and you’re talking about aliens then your attempt at cynical humor, puts you and ol’ Zack in Artie’s corner:

    I don’t know it to have ever been said that God is “of ” this Earth! Since alien means foriegn and/or belonging somewhere else then what you said was not in disagreement…but, perhaps this was not realized at the time.
    There is one point of confusion with the whole situation though:

    As a theologist, I study the bible because I believe it to be a road map to salvation…religion and cultural trappings aside. If you are not looking for salvation and happen to be starting a collection of religious beliefs, then you may be better off getting started on that “Bulimic Cookbook”.

    Cheers Nate-Dog

  5. Nathan

    Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    Interesting you describe yourself as a “theologist” and not, as usual, a “theologian.” Is there a reason for that? My uncle, trained as a biologist but now venturing into some somewhat metaphysical territory, one described himself as a “biologian.” I, as a person who studies religions that I don’t always participate in, thought “theologist” was the term I would use for myself. Though I never have, so it’s all yours.

    Too bad about Christmas. Does this mean we can give the holiday entirely over to crass, secular commercialism now?

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  7. janeish

    thank for writing about heavenly mother because she is the god
    and gaving the bless on this very lats day god bleess uu

  8. Quentin Kirk

    Mexico is, of course, the land of a Mother deity and I believe it modifies most people’s behavior here for the better.

  9. rdm

    I also talked to some of these people today in Tempe, Arizona. A young American (?) man and a young Asian man (Who sat silently). I heard all the same passages and I also noticed the affinity for highlighter pens! I told them I was from Virginia, not Arizona, but interestingly, neither of them knew where Virginia was. (“South of Washington, DC,” I said. “Oh, I think Elohim Academy is in New York,” said the young Asian man.)

  10. Deep

    Really i believe mother God boz my hearts says she is God.We should follow her.

  11. Zealot

    It’s sad when people mention that Church of God World Mission Society is a cult, just because they read it off somewhere in the internet. The Internet is full of foolishness, and about anybody can place their own words and opinions on something. But humanity always seem to be following evil. Wherever there is a site or newspaper, even News that speaks bad about something, Immeditaly you’ll see people making lines to read or see it. Their minds are so set on negativity, everything that darkens them is what they like.

    Little by little this world is more of a perverted habitat, but whenever truth arises, many start to oppose it, they don’t want the light to reach them.

    Even out there, when someone is asked if they believe in God’s word, they say “yes I do” but then when the word “bible” is mentioned, they reject it (bible), and make up excuses… It is true though, i’ve never received such powerful studies and truths about God. Only when I started to go to the Elohim Academy recently. I can see how blind the world really is… We have the truth right in front of us, but many do not see it. I was one of them, but now I know what these people from the Elohim Academy meant.

  12. Fragrace of Zion

    well, surely, God the mother can be 100% and proved thru the bible, for example in Genesis 1:26-27, and in Galatians 4:26, so if you truly that we have a heavenly mother in come to Church of God, cunsult us, don’t give up, according to the bible, in Revelation 22:17, the spirit and the bride said come, and now the spirit is God, but the bride our heavenly mother, wich said together to the ppl that hears it come, this is ur chance to become god’s children and recive the water of life,(Rev 22:17)and become a children of promise(Galatians 4:28) you heard words of god,(John 8:47)this is ur chance, please save your souls so that gods children can go to the kingdom of heaven (Revelation 21:1-5) God Bless you all!

  13. M. B. Kidron

    Mother God’s day is 9/9/09. There is still only one God, for she stands with the Trinity as One. which is what God has explained to me. I have asked for confirmation of her and received the sign requested. She is an immediate presence and also works great things. There is no competition, only compatibility.

  14. lastdays

    Deception was prophesied by Jesus and we see the fulfillment in the Mother God doctrine. When they quote the scripture to you , you must ask them to read the whole context (the verses before and after) . You will find the futility in their quotation, verses are quoted out of context by them. for eg. if you read in Rev 22.17 -19 about who is saying ‘ drink the waters of life freely’ .you will have to read the verse 22.16 ‘ I Jesus have sent mine….’ so you see that it is actually Jesus who is saying the words …..drink the waters…. In fact the bride only says ‘ come ‘ along with the Spirit…(Rev 22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. ) . One has to be thoroughly deceived to think that Bride is the Mother – God.

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  16. lastdays

    You can read about the truth on the website:

  17. Tania

    I just finished talking to tow of this missionaries. They assured my they had permission from my apartment complex manager to be preaching and that in fact one of the lived in the building right in front of mine.
    I felt very uncomfortable the male Korean guy because every time I would ask a question he would role his eyes change the subject and go back to his bible. I tried talking to him about the Book of Mormon and he raised his voice saying “Don’t try to waste my time pushing your beliefs into me. I have been preaching for 15 years and I have talked to missionaries from your church many times and what you believe is wrong.” He also told me that if I don’t go to church and have bible study with him I’m going to go to hell!!! By the way im in AZ and it was like 110 degrees outside and im pregnant and they wouldn’t leave me!!
    I asked for and hand out or a website or something where I could look the church up and he said they didn’t have such things, but that he would propose to his people the idea.
    Does anyone know what their heavenly mother looks like, or their heavenly father for that matter??? I tried to look the up on google and it and I didn’t have any luck.

  18. JP3

    oh my goodness..its a pattern..two young men (looked to be in their 20′s) interrupted my reading, asked me very politely if I had ever heard of mother God, having and being a Catholic all my life, I was most eager to hear what they had to say. They asked if I was Christian, for which I responded yes, then they asked if they could show me some scripture. Understanding of my time and personal space, they only took a few moments. They opened the Bible (New International Version) to revelations where they show the verse of the Lamb and his wife, and the city of Jerusalem. They seemed to know their stuff, although the whole conversation was more so like a reading of a memorized monologue. I enjoyed what they had to say, very polite. I antagonized them only in the slightest manner asking them if they were Jehovah’s witnesses, but they graciously maybe unappreciatively said no. I asked them if this was there job, we engaged in some small conversation but not much. They said they do this in their spare time, that they want to share this secret to the world. I do appreciate their passion and charisma. We exchanged emails. No harm no foul. This blog was enjoyable to read as it was exactly how it went, and what I was thinking during the time. After doing some research on the internet, it says they believe this Korean man Ahn Sang-Hong was the 2nd coming of Christ and that their new leader is the mother god who they were trying to explain in the beginning. I am not into that, but like I said can appreciate their passion. Catholics, Christians, true believers do not judge. All this makes me want to study theology.

  19. JP3

    look up world missions society church of god..or google Ahn Sang-Hong

    or highlighter preachers—jk

  20. Eleusis D

    God the Mother? Discovered through a Biblical focus? What a curious (and very very long) loop! Human lives are such short commercials for E’finity . . . whatever would we do without archeology and writing to clue us in to real irony here: the Mesopotamian Mother-Gods destroyed by Abrahamic religion, then recuperated by Korean evangelicals.

    Fortunately, the Great Mother has a rather facetious sense of humor.


  21. John

    Hi I came across this site trying to look for information about the Church of God. I also came across one of these people who talked to me about the bible and this person said he goes to a church called “Church of God”. He asked me about mother of God and was instantly confused. Others were also with him around the school preaching their beliefs to students. Everything you said in your article is exactly what happened to me today. I even asked about a site where I can learn more and he said the same thing about it being in construction. I just wanted to know if this “Church of God” is something only from Korea because the person who wanted to speak to me was not Korean (although I know maybe not all people in the religion are Korean) because when I type Church of God on Google it does not lead me straight to “World Mission Society Church of God”. In other words, do all people who believe in “Church of God” believe in what the “World Mission Society Church of God” believes in?

  22. Nathan

    I think these two are the same organization—not all people in it are Korean.

  23. John

    So when someone talks about “Mother God” they are immediately associated with “World Mission Society Church of God”? Even if they don’t mention Ahn Sang-Hong?

  24. Nathan

    Not necessarily—there are other kinds of discourses about the divine feminine, as Peter Steinfels points out above. But when somebody does it in this way, with this evangelical tactic, chances are that’s what it is. And when I encountered these people, they didn’t mention Ahn Sang-Hong either.

  25. Tania

    Why wouldn’t they want to mention Ahn Sang-Hong if she’s the leader of their church? I asked if they had apicture of her, and the didn’t. Why wouldn’t she in public and clain who she is in a more open way. Sure some people would this she a bit out of her mind but at least more pople would know about her.
    Is she like a prophet type person?? What’s her purpose in this church? I thought she was like the reincarnation the virgin Mary but i gess she’s like a God.

  26. Ike911

    I had an almost identical encounter with a young man and woman (neither of whom were Asian) just yesterday. I was on a college campus and they stopped me and told me they were in a philosophy class and wanted to ask me some questions. It became evident quite rapidly that they were not in any college class as the man took out his Bible and asked me the same questions about a Mother God and cited the same scriptures. I asked what their religion is called and the young woman told me that it is the Church of God and that their school is called Elohim Academy. The only Elohim Academy I could find online is in New York and I’m in Arizona. I also asked them for a pamphlet or website and the woman told me that she couldn’t remember the internet address but that I could have their phone number and we could meet up later. She then wrote something down on a paper. My friends (whom I had been waiting for) then showed up and one of them took the paper from me and threw it away, so I never got to read what was on it. As I was leaving the woman made a last ditch effort to preach to me saying that, Mother God had already visited the Earth and was coming again. All in all they were nice, I just didn’t appreciate their deceptive contacting approach.

  27. "Unsaved Soul"

    My sister is with the Church of God, and everything have change. She went to America full of hopes and dreams, my parents invested for her education and supported all her endeavours but she is throwing it all away. She was thought to be the most promising amongst us, she wanted to pursue her masters. but Now we dont know her anymore, she doesnt share concerns to our aging parents, she less communicated to us and its very hard to talk to her anymore as she always bring about conversations about the Church of God. She calls us people with earthly desires… In short she have forgotten us and it pains my parents so much… I went here to america to check on her real status, and I am disturbed of her perception nowadays. The church believes that God will come in 2012, and because of it she doesnt show any interest to her schooling and profession anymore, she have thrown away all the hard word and sacrifices my parents did just to send her for a good education. She claimed that there is no point to attain a profession if your soul is not saved. She dont have any stable job, because she couldnt find an employer who would give her a fixed off on a saturday and tuesday which are mandatory for service or else you will not recieve salvation in addition of a sunday for their preaching activities. All in all they need to offer 3 days in a week, and the daily bible study that they conduct. Clearly its a fulltime to become a member of the Church of God and you need to look forward for 2012 as it would be the ultimate day. I went to her place in New york, in Brooklyn and I am sad of her situation. She is renting a very small room, with nothing as necessities like TV mean earthly desires! I dont know what they believe in, I didnt expect this coming, I asked her to come back home for her sake,but she refuses as her sisters in the church needs her in the ministry. I felt offended as she undervalued our family!
    My sister has no future… and is not optimistic of tomorow… all she thinks is how to stay with her sisters in the church and to obey the rules of their faith. I know that sooner or later she will go to Korea and stay in thier House Church, she would eventually forget us…. same as she turn herself back from her dreams, ambition, fiance, and to her self. PLEASE IF EVER YOU MEET ANY OF THEM A LIKE , TELL THEM THAT THEIR PARENTS,WIFE,HUSBAND,BROTHERS AND SISTERS loved them so much even though we dont share the same faith they have but still we are unsaved souls( as what they term us for the non-converted) who is longing for therm. Remind them that the earthly family is a reflection to your heavenly family! SO THEY MUST AS WELL TAKE CARE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM! share your views if you have a family member who is in the churcg of God!

  28. fiance

    Hi to the people who are in the church of God! I admire that you are well verse of the bible and indeed you are passionate of what you believe in, I respect your faith for even God gave us the free will to chose between Right and Evil. But let me tell you of what is happening to my life right now and my fiance who is in the Chruch of God.

    1. My fiance and I went to America with dreams and ambition, but now she doesnt even care with her legal status and getting a job, as she said its an earthly desire. To accumulate money is very earthly, to get a job is earthly to buy food and pay your rent is earthly! how can you get a job if you can only work for 4 days!
    2. Me and my fiance had planned before, seeing us growing old together and having kids in a simple house. But now she lost interest of having a family and even with me. All she talks about are her sisters in the church and 2012. I could not see myself in her future anymore. She says “God bless you to everyone” but I could not even feel her love…
    3. She undervalued her family and named them us unsaved souls, her sisters in Church are more impontant to her. She dont get involved anymore with family concerns and less attention to her aging parents… but its ok…as what you all claim your personal salvation is far more important than your family! they are just unworthy unsaved souls…Your attention should be in the church for 7 days… saturday and tuesday mandatory, sunday for preaching and the rest of the days bible study during the evening. Its very important than the birthday of your bilogical father.
    4. YOUMUST ATTEND SATURDAY AND SUNDAY OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE SALVATION. I am a doctor, you cant prevent stat or emergency operations to fall on a saturday! I did asked one of your members …she answered me with a question ” Is your salvation Important to you!”. I am aware that on a saturday the whole day we stay in the church 3 services! lets say one of the members got choked cant you do your job?
    5. Regarding to family issues, Zang Gil-Jah ( mother God) promulgates civic and humanitarian works that is why you were awarded by the Korean Goverment. She quoted in one of her interviews while giving gifts on a new year to american soldiers in Korea:
    “I felt sorry for them living so far apart from their families,” Zahng said Thursday. “So I wanted to share this warmth with them.”
    If she herself was concern about american soldiers in korea being away from their family… then why are you promoting your member to be away from their families… You dont have the right to question my statement as that is how I and my fiance’s family experienced with the current situation! You said earthly family is a reflection to the heavenly family… you should not forsake the unbelievers of your faith as we love so much your member…As I love so much my fiance!
    6. Enjoyment of life in the present moment means as earthly attachment! YOu are trying to say that if you will be happy because you went out for a movie or you dine with close firends means you are earthly! I dont get it! and be honest to yourselves when was the last time you spent time with your family or loveones…to your members whom I know none… because they say its earthly!
    7. When you preach you always startwith a lie… we ask who is christ ahn sang hong, then you answer us that we are not in the position even to say his name…We believe the bible BUT HOW WILL WE KNOW THAT THE MAN THAT WE REFER AS GOD IS GOD, IF YOU DONT EVEN TRY TO TELL US WHO HE IS! YOU ARE NO DIFFERENCE WITH THE FRIARS! YOU WANT US TO GET CONVERTED IN THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO WE EVEN DONT KNOW! THE RULE IS YOU GET BAPTIZED THEN THEY WILL SHOW YOU THE PICTURES OF THE MOTHER GOD! ITS NOT FAIR ENOUGH!
    Dont represent yourself that you are college students because most of you are working already! and dont tell people you dont have a website, yes you do but its only for the members of the church! REMEMBER GOD SAID TELL THE WORLD OF MY LOVE THE GREATEST LOVE THE WORLD HAVE KNOWN! so no need to hide it! if there is nothing to hide.
    8. I tried so hard to understand the situation of my fiance but she has different perspective towards life already! I am doing my best to comprehend what she is looking right now…but she is not spending time with me anymore… she says I LOVE YOU more to her sisters in church than to me!
    9. I asked her to come with me and stay in other area but she cannot live her sisters.

    I did not give up, but she did! She ended our 5 years relationship in which we are supposed to get married by 2010, as I am becoming a hindrance for HER SALVATION! As what she qouted!

    You may see my beloved in the streets,shops,train station and malls please tell her that I am an unworthy unsaved soul who is still inloved to a girl who is a member of the CHURCH OF GOD!

  29. Grace Sabarus

    We all face troubles in life and need mother’s love touch to hug and embrace us telling us “you’re safe, baby.” This could be the reason why these people ended up in the Church of God. They desperately need love and Jesus followers are too busy making money, so the member of COG have opportunity to show love.

    I was abused for 15 years and Jesus came to heal me by someone who introduced me to Jesus’ unconditional love. He touched me and I am healed. He rescued me from abuse and kept me safe. He hold me, making sure no one hurt me anymore. I fell in love with Jesus and He become my Savior and Lord.

    Not only that, He restored my marriage and my husband imitates what He did to me: love me, embrace me, understand me and heal me. Nobody would ever believe, not me, that my abusive husband now became the most loving person on earth! Who could do this transformation but Jesus?

    Could I fall in love and become mother god’s follower if nobody introduced me to Jesus? Could be. I could have worshipped mother earth or mother universe or mama lauren the witch – whoever could offer me the love I really needed.

    Today I cried for the two souls who shared their belief in mother god. I pray they will find the truth, and the truth will set them free from fear of hell, fear of judgement day and fear of unable keeping the Sabbath holy. Because that’s what Jesus died for: to set us free from any grip of fear and enjoy our life to the fullest together with Him.

  30. ANITA

    I truly believe in existance of GOD THE MOTHER who has appeared according to the prophecy of the Bible. A LIVING GOD. Please believe in her and get salvation in these last days. God Bless You.

  31. jyoti

    no comm

  32. Gaby

    How hard is it to open your eyes and listen to reason? Brothers and sisters who have recently been baptized, don’t be deceived by this. Like someone else here said, “There is a lot of evil in this world, the nature of sinners (all human beings) is to look for pessimistic news, something that says bad things about something, even if they are just rumors”. It’s so sad. That’s why we have to be strong in faith (and of course, follow God’s commandments). The reason why this truth “breaks families up” is because we want to be in Zion with our true spiritual family so bad because our souls rest from all the evil in the world.

    For those barely know about God the Mother and are looking it up on the internet, be careful! I would not advise looking up info here because you can easily be misled and discouraged. The truth is very hidden and secret. Those who are looking for malice will find it. You really have to take the time to learn about God’s word through the Bible. Just like you can’t expect a child to understand evolution in a couple of sentences (that’s why they go through school to understand it), to understand God the Mother and other important teachings of God, we need to study the Bible.

    Why do we see Christ AhnSahngHong as a “Korean man” and we don’t see Jesus as a “Middle-Eastern man”? God is God. You’re eyes will truly be opened. But please, if you truly and sincerely want to follow God, I highly recommend pursuing study sessions.

    I hope this helped, I was just reading all these comments and didn’t want (actual or potential) brothers and sisters to be misled. :) I hope all goes well in your life, better yet, that you receive eternal life.

    God bless you!

  33. Tiffany

    I had an american man and asian woman come up to me the other day at the mall. The asian lady never spoke and they approached me with the sentence, “have you heard of the female image of God”? And myself, being a Christian, looked further into it. I guess it sparked my interest at first because they still had the same faith about Jesus. Now if it were buddishm or some other completely different religion I would have completely ignored their approach.

    I was reading some of these comments, and them to had those highlighter pens! When I started asking questions they were almost in a way so overwhelmed that they would reply with “it’s all in the bible”. I’ll give them credit. They are very knowledgable about the bible.

    It’s always good to keep your mindset open to new things. We as humans desire to learn. But also as Christians and to christians who are also reading this who are confused about “well…i accepted jesus into my heart, but is supposively something missing still?”, we must also pray to guard our hearts from false profits. Not saying that these people are promoting hate, i’m not sure, but what I find the most confusing is that yes, their handy-dandy knowledge of bible verses will get your head spinning and wondering is there a mother god out there? But you also have to look at their bible verses they DON’T mention. Which will completely contridict everything they are saying.

    I don’t believe they are a cult, i don’t believe they are promoting hate. I just believe they are so wrapped up in their faith, and I can see it as well, that it can destroy families and relationships.

    I actually went to one of their bible studies…myself being a curious person. I wanted to test my faith and see what else I “may” be missing because they mentioned that the reason why no one has heard of this “secret” yet is because in 350 AD the christian something was abolished and the bible proves that this secret won’t be revealed until this particular time period.

    I wasn’t neccesarily forced or pressured into the immediate wanting of them wanting me to be baptized that night of the bible study. But what I can say is that the question was definitely brought UP, without my knowing basically anything about it! I had a lesson on “mother god jereuseulm” but, what makes them think in any right, to transform my religion without me knowing anything about it? Doesn’t this prove disservice? Wouldnt you rather want to know whole heartidly what you’re getting into before making a SERIOUS life changing decision?

    There has been a few times that came up where I asked about Mother God. And they never got too much detail with her. Other that she was currently living in korea. They said they can save that for another time. I will note on an honest note, these people did seem to carry themselves full with love and passion…

    It just throws me off a bit to know that my whole life I was known to have salvation through jesus christ. And for someone to throw that off and say that I dont even have salvation anymore, gets to me.

    So in conclusion, when they show you these neat verses to make you believe, also as christians, guard your heart, pray about it and also look up in the bible yourself verses that completely dicate what they are saying….

  34. Tiffany

    Forgot to also mention that I was in central Maryland. They supposively had a church building and starting in Maryland, which they were coming out of both virginia and new york.

  35. Michelle

    I had this same exact experience a few months ago at the mall… thanks for sharing.

  36. JENNY

    I was approached by these people at the mall also, PLEASE STAY AWAY from these people, if you let them they will suck you into their cult. And they are too brainwashed to even try to hear what anyone else has to say.

  37. Tiffany

    yeh. ive just heard way to many stories about them ruinings relationships, friendships and their own lives. it’s crazy!

  38. married-to-kim

    I really feel for this guy ‘Fiance’. I am in the exact same position, except that I am already married with her.
    My wife is like being taken hostage by this cult world mission church of god. It is getting worst everyday, now when she is away with her ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’, i cannot contact her at all.
    My dream of having happy family is slowly but surely ruined. Her priority has completely changed now that she has ‘spiritual’ family. All her life is about preaching. She has become another one of their sales person, ‘bring many seeds’ is one of their motto. Come to think of it this so called church is like a multi level marketing scheme. Those people recruited will become a recruiter and so on.

    You will notice their behaviour will change, they want to ‘resemble’ ahnsahnghong and mother. Not only they control their mind, but also the way they dress, the way they speak is all uniform. They will call themselves they are in ‘the truth’ while others are not.

    mother jerusalem chung gil cha, and pastor kim, please stop deceiving people and have a heart to end all this.

    Perhaps mother jerusalem herself need to read this blog in hangul (korean). Here it is:

  39. Elohim(:

    I go to the church of god in reseda and i never thought of going there till they preached to me and i went…I went and was lookinq for things to point out that there wrong …but… they werent…everything they say is in the bible so i belived and got babtized. this is the true church yoh should come ppl! At least study because destruction is near and we need to able to servive this! Please go to the church someday beacause it is truly amazinq&&a very blessing to be able to be know the truth…

  40. Gaby

    God bless u brother! [ Elohim(: ] I go to Church of God in reseda too!

  41. Mel

    When I surveyed their church, I noticed that many members are of low intelligence, having never graduated from college, and currently work menial jobs with no opportunity of upward mobility. In other words, they’ve reached dead-end and can no longer climb the ladder of society, forever condemned to cling onto the lower rungs. Who can blame them for wishing for a better life by going to church in hopes of receiving eternal salvation? It’s in ourr human nature to rationalize how to ensure our survival, to preserve ourselves. Isn’t living forever the ultimate act of survival? These people, with the help of other believers, have managed to convince themselves that through their rituals, eternal life is achievable.

    It’s depressing to see that these nice people lack the intelligence to see through religions’ deceits, especialy those that are as glaring as the Church of God’s, and continue to commit themselves in ignorance to further the deceiver’s profits, so that they may scale heaven. We can only hope that they wake up soon, and before they lose too much of their life

  42. LISA

    I’ve had my second conversation with them yesterday. They had me in tail spins. Fortunately, I had done some studying prior to them coming over. Galations 4:26 is a big one for them, however just a few verses prior (verse 24) says that the example is allegory – figurative. I showed them this and they agreed, but insisted it allegory applied to the verses before them and not the verses it preluded. The more I challenged them to show me more about God the Mother, they said it’s all over the Bible, but would not show me. The game is based on the few scriptures they now backwards and forwards and nothing else. I showed them plenty, but they are not intereted. They actually believe that in a hundred years, there will be a 3rd testament added to the Bible. What a bummer! The Lord was pretty clear that this would all end within the limits His Word set forth. That would be a nasty trick if He was just kidding or messing with us. Bottom line, that’s what they are saying.

  43. Mark

    Hi everyone! God bless you.

    I am a member of the Church of God, World Mission Society.
    I have never really took the time to search the internet before about these topics like Heavenly Mother before, but today I did. Maybe I am thinking about Mother now…because Passover is coming soon…March 29th at 6pm.

    For anyone who is a member…hello and God bless you!
    For anyone not a member…hello and God bless you!!! Come to receive the water of life from the Spirit and the bride…Ahnsahnghong and Zahng Gil Jah, Heavenly Mother.

    I’m surprised to hear some of the things I am reading here…these blogs are funny, but please I don’t want to offend anyone…Love…love…love…

    Yes, I have been out preaching about Mother…and with good reason, so please don’t look the other way when one of my brothers and sisters comes your way and asks you if you believe in God our Mother…

    Please understand the reason we are out doing this…it is not only what Mother has told us to do as good children do what their Mother says…but we are doing what Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 16:15…we should go out to the world to preach the good news about Mother and Father and Passover and salvation and now is the time we need this…

    If some of our brothers and sisters are so into this whole church business and forget to talk with our loved ones and family members, please understand what we are doing and try to forgive our weaknesses as humans.

    We are all sinners who are looking for love and hope and salvation.

    With the world suddenly falling to disasters and plagues and death is all around us everyday…we all see it on the news…

    Passover is what Mother is giving us as the water of life to save us from an
    impending judgement on all of us.

    Passover means plagues pass over.

    Remember the Israelites in Egypy from our story in Exodus 11-12…

    God will destroy all other gods and bring judgement on them

    God will bring plagues on all the world and those who don’t keep Passover will
    see death.

    Please try to understand what is really happening here right now on this God’s blue and green earth!

    Flee to Zion without delay!

    Get baptized in the name of the Father/Son/Holy Spirit and keep Passover!

    It’s Mother’s commandment..

    Don’t disobey your Mother, ok…please…

    your spiritual brother

    I love you all!!! God bless you!

  44. Curious

    They were very polite like mentioned. It’s sad to see so many wrong religions emerging. Taking the end-day of 2010 as their excuse is absurd.With all these cults and wrong faith spreading, maybe 2010 will not be the end of the world but the end of the very humanity inside us.
    Now, I kinda of regret handing them over my phone number and email add. Dang, I gotta confront them and kindly refuse. Useful post by the way. It’s a blessing to have found the truth about this church.

  45. Mark

    I had two of these believers at my door today. They started with the heavenly Mother question which peaked my curiosity. As a christian I wanted to hear what they had to say. Most of it can be found in the previous postings. Another thing they said was that all of mankind are angels that were kicked out of heaven with the devil, and Jesus died so we could go back to heaven, through heavenly mother of course. I was asking allot of questions so maybe I dug deeper than others. They also said they would not know for sure if they would get to heaven until the End. They are not saved by gods grace through faith. They are saved by heavenly mother and their level of obedience to “doing what jesus does”. A works based salvation. Just my observation in the 2 hours we spoke at my front door.

  46. Melissa

    I go to the Church of God in New Jersey, I’m still a baby and i looked this up out of curiousity. It’s so easy living against it all isn’t it

    Painful truth or ignorance is bliss?

    No one is forcing you to do anything, it’s just that that Bible reveals so much in these days. I recently studied about the Holocaust. It’s in there! everything God said was going to happen, is surely happening. you can’t doubt that. The last days are so close.

    It’s still hard for me to believe about Mother but i know she’s real. I skipped 15 studies because i was losing faith. trust me! I didn’t want to believe it i really doubted her until i learned about her. I’m only 18, i just turned 18. i’m still young, i’m still going to go to college. I can still have my relationship with God and live my life normally. I mean God sacrificed his life, isn’t selfish to just think about yourself and your daily needs. Its one day out of 7.

    We aren’t a cult. My boyfriend thought the same but now he finally listened to me and is going to do his first study. all he cared about is sex sex and more sex. he’s so happy. don’t judge the church unless you’ve been there.

    there’s a reason for everything. there’s a reason you don’t believe.

    but it’s okay. GBU :D

  47. married-to-kim

    Melissa, can you tell me more about this Mother? What is her name? How old is she now? Does she have family like husband and children?

    Reasoning does not work when talking to world mission church of god members.

  48. Invisible

    hey married-to-kim if you wanna know more about mother please come to church of god and study one by one true the bible, than all the questions you have will be answered.

    BTW, to all the people that still want’s to know more about COGWMS please feel free to go to and see the videos and please realize something true

    you ppl. that say things about wms cog please stop bothering wms members, if you guys really want to know more please contact us

  49. Mark


    Heavenly Mother is Zahng, Gil Jah. She is God our Mother in a human form, and she is Korean. She has appeared now as the bride of the Spirit, Revelation 22:17, and Galatians 4:26 – mother is from above and she is the Jerusalem. We often call her Jerusalem Mother, Heavenly Mother, Mother, or God Mother.
    She loves you, she prays for you, she feels pain like you, and she understands your concerns and how you feel about having difficulty in believing in her.
    She is fulfilling the prophecy according to the bible. She has been married and she has had a child, so she has experienced this life full of sorrows, pains, sufferings, joys, hardship, love, etc…like us.

    She is here to save us from Satan. We are in a spiritual war. She will win this war.

    God our Father was in the form of a man. He was here from 1918 to 1985. He return to heaven after 37 years of work, completing the 40 years on David’s throne, and returning to Heaven to prepare the way for Mother and all the world’s children to return to the heavenly kingdom.

    Yes, like Invisible, said in the previous link, come to World Mission Society, Church of God (COGWMS)

    What city are you living in married-to-kim?

    God bless you!

  50. Mark

    By the way, I was in Shanghai, China, but now I am Denver , Colorado, to keep Passover coming soon March 29th, twilight, evening, like Jesus had with his disciples at the appointed time…6pm…7pm…8pm…

    Saturday is Sabbath Day, the day we keep worship to God, seek God’s help, ask for the truth about God, learn more, study the bible, and get baptized before keeping the passover if you would like be saved and go to heaven.

    God is giving you a heavenly gift. come and receive it, please, check it out.

    God bless you.

  51. married-to-kim

    Hey Mark, How many children does mother have? Who is/was she married to? Are they all ‘in the truth’?

  52. Mark


    I don’t know to be honest with you. But, the only thing I do know is that I will go to church on Sabbath day, Saturday, and pray to her and ask brothers and sisters if they know anything. Passover is coming on Monday.

    Thanks for the discussion.

  53. Anonymous Christian

    I’m a believer, and I had a conversation with a couple of these folks today. I write in part to stregthen the faith of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and to share additional biblical information with those who are associated with the Church of God, World Mission Society.

    From the comments above, I thought I’d just share a Scripture that I believe is pertinent to those interested in this discussion.

    “Therefore let no one pass judgment on you in questions of food and drink, or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath. These are a shadow of the things to come, but the substance belongs to Christ. Let no one disqualify you, insisting on asceticism and worship of angels, going on in detail about visions, puffed up without reason by his sensuous mind, and not holding fast to the Head, from whom the whole body, nourished and knit together through its joints and ligaments, grows with a growth that is from God.” (Col. 2:16-19)

    Don’t listen to anyone who is telling you that you need to keep the Sabbath. The Law was a foreshadow to lead to Christ (Gal. 3:23-29). Salvation is completely by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

    I actually had a long discussion with these folks about the nature of the Davidic throne. To those believers who are out there, please be aware that Jesus came as the Jewish Messiah, and He will return again to establish a real, physical Kingdom. They tried to establish with me that Jesus is a “spiritual” David without offering any Scriptural proof to back it up. He did not “spiritually” fulfill the Davidic Covenant when He came to earth. This is not how David or any other Jew understood the Davidic Covenant when God established it with them in 2 Samuel 7. Jesus never corrected His disciples or the crowds that He would establish a real throne, as was expected. He did correct them about how they would participate it (they needed to believe in Him, which would also lead to repentance of sin…fulfilling the INTENT of the Law…which He summarizes in Matt. 22:34-40, cf. the Sermon on the Mount) and when it would happen (not immediately, which is what they thought…Jesus instructed them that He needed to die so they could be forgiven first). These folks will try to state that Jesus had to have already fulfilled all the offices and roles of the Davidic King in His first coming. This comes from nowhere in Scripture. Why is this all important? Because it is through this spiritual rendering of the Davidic Covenant that guys like Ahn Sang-Hong can claim to be the Christ. I say this as a Gentile, quoting Jesus as He spoke with the Samaritan woman, “salvation is from the Jews.” (John 4:22) God has not rejected His people. The gifts and calling of God are irrevocable (Rom. 11:28-29). As Gentiles, we are grafted in to God’s plan of salvation as part of His plan to save His people (Rom. 11:11-24). In this way, God also fulfills the Abrahamic Covenant, again, made to Israel, in which all the nations of the earth will be blessed (Gen. 12:3). God spent a lot of time in the Old Testament laying this principle down so we would not be deceived by antichrists. (I know there could be some verses talking about how we are all equal now…check the context…it is about our standing in the church (different from Israel) and how we are saved (all are saved by grace through faith). Those verses have nothing to do with the fulfillment of Old Testament covenants.)

    Our Lord warned us of false teachers. He stated directly: “See to it that you are not misled; for many will come in my name saying, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time is at hand’; do not go after them.” (Luke 21:8) Jesus states that His Second Coming will be apparent: “For just as lightning comes from the east, and flashes even to the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.” (Matt. 24:27) You will have no need for anyone to instruct you when the Son of Man returns.

    Also, I know these are nice people. The people I spoke to were very nice, as well, but do not be mislead. Paul, speaking of false teachers, said, “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” (2 Cor. 11:13-14)

    To those who are a part of the Church of God, World Mission Society: I urge you to consider the very few verses I have been able to share above. You have fallen under false teaching. I would urge you to repent and turn to Jesus Christ alone for your salvation.

  54. melissa

    Okay anonymous christian, when it speaks of the shadow od sabbath its speaking about how it was kept in the old testament. When Jesus Christ came, he came to fufill not to abolish.

  55. Anonymous Christian


    I’m not exactly sure what point you are trying to establish in the above comment, so I don’t know entirely how to respond. Proverbs 18:13 says I’m probably a fool for still responding. However, I would point out that 9 out of the 10 Commandments are repeated for believers in the NT. Keeping the Sabbath was the only one left out. This is because this was something to be observed as participants in the Mosaic Covenant (Exod.31:12-18). Please read Acts 15. The Law and Gentiles came up in the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. Note that in the decision given, nothing is said about keeping the Sabbath (Acts 15:19-20 – really, from this verse, there is more basis to say that believers shouldn’t eat raw meat or meat from strangled animals than to say we need to keep Sabbath). I agree with you 100% that Jesus came to fulfill the Law, but that’s just the point. When Jesus was accused of breaking the Sabbath, one of the ways He responded was by speaking about what was greater than the Sabbath: “And if you had known what I means, ‘I desire mercy and not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the guiltless.” (Matt 12:7). The Law was given to an unregenerate nation without the power to obey God (Rom. 8:2-9). It does reflect the character and nature of God, but it was given to demonstrate our inability to be like God…it reveals how much of sinners we are (Rom. 3:20; 7:7). In this way, it leads us to faith in Jesus Christ (Gal. 3:19-29). Once we place our faith in Christ, we are transformed by the indwelling Spirit that He gives us, so that we are able to actually obey the intent of the Law (again, Rom. 8:2-9). What is the summary and intent of this Law? Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself, on these two commandments “depend all the Law and the Prophets” (Matt. 22:34-40). God is more concerned with your love for Him than whether or not you observe one day a week over another in rest. Now, we should meet with other believers, because we are called to not neglect the assembling of ourselves (Heb. 10:25) – and if we’re believers we are obviously going to love other believers and be with the church. Surely, we are also called to worship God, and the example we have received is to do this corporately, since Christ is doing His work through the corporate body of Christ (Eph. 4:11-16; Rom. 12:1-2). However, God does not demand that you do this on a particular day. The first day of the week (as a commemoration of Christ’s resurrection) would seem to be the better day to choose , since this is the example set out for us by Paul in the New Testament (Acts 20:7; 1 Cor. 16:2).

    I do not mean to get involved in bickering over what to many may seem to be like minor details. However, the underlying issue that is the key here is the means by which we are saved. We are saved by grace, and not by the works of the Law. We cannot keep enough rules to be accepted by God, because we are imperfect sinners in His sight. We can only be saved by faith in Jesus Christ alone.

    Melissa, I do not write this to start any sort of a fight with Church of God, World Missions Society followers, such as yourself. However, as far as I know, you may be one of God’s elect, a potential sister in Jesus Christ. If you are, I do not want you to be deceived by what these people are teaching you. I understand they may be very nice, and they may have even helped you in your relationship with your boyfriend. However, apart from faith in Christ alone for salvation, it means nothing. Look at the Pharisees of Jesus’ day – they were very clean on the outside. They would probably put any of us to shame in terms their supposed righteousness, but Christ condemned them…because they did not obey from the heart, and they did not look to Him and Him alone for their salvation. They thought they could be good enough when they could not.

    More than just the works-based righteousness that I fear is prevalent in this religion, Ahn Sang-Hong and Zang Gil-Jah have set themselves up as idols to be worshipped rather than Christ. Again, Jesus Christ condemned the Pharisees of His day because they rejected Him. He is the fullest revelation of God that can ever be known. When someone rejects Jesus, they reject the Father (John 12:44-50). That is why no one can come to the Father but through Him (John 14:6). I implore you: if you continue to adhere to this teaching, you will not see the Savior.

  56. Melissa

    You are just blind from seeing the truth. We don’t only focus on Sabbath. In James 2:18 it says not just faith will allow you to enter the kingdom of heaven. In matt. 7:21 you must do the will of God. For sabbath day in the new testament it says to follow Christ’s path. and keeping the sabbath was his custom. Does it anywhere in the new testament say sunday? Sunday is a man made custom. You are following man by attending Sunday service and when that last day comes, God will simply ask , have you followed my commands? and what will you say? no because i found man’s custom much easier and for my benefit. Jewish people are our shadow. We must keep the passover to recieve eternal life. Not communion and not only by having faith. Youre basically telling me its okay to live my life and continue to do whatever i want but ill go to heaven if i have faith. why would God even allow us to have the bible if entering the kingdom of heaven was so simple. Everything that peeople nowadays follow are what Constantine abolished and since its been a custom for so long everyone truly believes that sunday and communion are right. you can follow what you want, if you have strong faith in what you believe, so be it but not anything you say or show me willl convince me that i don’t have a heavenly mother and that sabbath isnt saturday. I shouldn’t have to argue with you because i know I’l truly work with faith to enter the kingdom of heaven.

  57. Melissa

    Mark 7:8

  58. Anonymous Christian


    I am saddened to read your response. Look at James 2:18 and its surrounding context again. In James 2:24 (which is the verse I would have expected you to bring up, rather than 2:18, given your position), James says “that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.” However, in no way does James mean you are saved by your works! First, the word for “justified” in 2:24 in the Greek is the same word used in reference to Christ in 1 Timothy 3:16 when it says He was “vindicated” in the Spirit. The idea is that of “proving” or “verifying.” Next, look at the examples that James uses. He points out in v. 21 that Abraham was “justified by works when he offered up his son Isaac on the altar.” When did this event occur? The answer is Genesis 22. When did Abraham believe in God and it was credited to him as righteousness? Genesis 15:6…seven chapters before the near sacrifice of Isaac. What is happening in Genesis 22? Abraham’s faith is proven to be genuine. Look at Genesis 22:12, when the angel of the Lord replies, “Do not lay your hand on the boy or do anything to him, FOR NOW I KNOW that you fear God, seeing you have not withheld your son, you only son from me.” (emphasis mine) You are absolutely right that we should obey God. Sadly, too many believers act like faith should not be accompanied by works. However, those works come AS A RESULT of our faith in and love for God. They in no way earn our salvation. How does this fit with what you referenced that Jesus said in Matthew 7, that He will reject all those who practice lawlessness? It goes like this: If I believe that Christ is who He says He is and saved me from my sin, then, supposing I have a desire to actually want to be saved and see God, I will love Christ for what He has done for me (1 John 4:10). How will I express this love? Jesus states it is by obeying His commandments (John 14:15). On the other hand, if I do not obey God’s commandments, then it is probably a sign that I do not love God. If I do not love God, then how is it that I could ever claim that I would even want to saved, since salvation means being reconciled to God for eternity? In short, how can I even ask to be reconciled to God by faith if I live in such as to prove that I hate God?

    I would point out that by attempting to obey God in order to earn your salvation you are actually disobeying Him. Think about this. What is true obedience to the Law? Jesus again states it in Matt. 22:34-40 that it is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” That is the standard God requires…that you love Him with all your strength from your innermost being. Do you do that? The answer is “no.” Nobody, apart from Jesus, has done that or ever can do that. According to this standard, if salvation comes from obedience to the Law, then we’re all damned to Hell. Again, we need an Intercessor to become our righteousness for us…to be the fulfillment of the Law for us…if we ever hope to see God. Again this, is Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 5:21).

    I’m getting off subject. Your obedience, biblically, is supposed to come from a genuine love for God. Now, think about what you’re saying. You are obeying in order to save yourself. Why are you obeying? Who is the object of your love in your obedience? It’s you. You’re obeying so that you will be saved. You’re obeying for your benefit. Think about what I am saying. I’m not obeying to save myself. I’m already saved apart from my works. Then, why would I obey? Because I love God. I have no reason to obey for myself…I gain nothing from it. Why then do I obey? Because I love God. Which of these two options is the fulfillment of Jesus standard in Matthew 22? Any attempt to earn salvation actually results in a violation of God’s Law.

    Beyond that, I would challenge you to examine which other Old Testament laws you keep, if you say that we must obey the Law, as Jesus did, in order to enter into Heaven. If it is discovered of someone in your church is guilty of adultery, do you put them to death (Lev. 20:10)? Would you put a child who cursed their mother or father to death (Exod. 21:17)? (To this you may say, “We practice grace, as Jesus did.” To which I would reply, “That’s exactly my point. The Law is not fulfilled in keeping codes, but in loving the Lord in holiness.”) Do members of your congregation build parapets on their houses when they build a new house (Deut. 22:8)? Is it a sin for someone in your congregation to eat raw meat (Lev. 3:17)? Must we abstain from pork to enter into Heaven (Lev. 11:7)? Have you ever kept a Passover by making sacrifices in the Temple (which Jesus also did by example)? Have you ever made sacrifices in the Temple? I would wager to say you probably don’t practice these things. In fact, in regards to the last two…you absolutely can’t do these things. And that’s just the point! We CAN’T obey the Law! Which is why it is completely by our faith in Jesus Christ that we must be saved!

    I would strongly encourage you to read Colossians 2 again carefully. Judaizers in Paul’s day tried to get members of this church to look for things other than Christ for their salvation, and Paul answered this issue there. This movement you are a part of is doing the same thing. It does not hold fast to the Head, which is Christ.

    I am most saddened to hear that there is not anything I can show you that will convince you that you must not keep Sabbath or that you do not have a mother god. All I have done is explained the teaching of Scripture. You’re telling me that even if I prove to you from Scripture that this teaching is false, you will not listen. You have predetermined that I am wrong…regardless of what I say from the Bible. That sounds like you’re making the decision on what is true…not the Bible. Why would you say this? What would you have faith in rather than what you find in the Scriptures? The teachings of your leaders about the Scriptures? Do you disregard what I have to say because they would tell you to disagree with me…because they tell you I’m wrong without adequately explaining why…or because you have examined the Scriptures and determined for yourself what the truth is? Melissa, you must determine what is true from the Scripture on your own. It does not matter what your leaders say. What does the Scripture say? This YOU must determine, for it is YOU who will stand accoutable for yourself before God on the day of judgment.

    I will leave it at that. Unfortunately, I cannot continue to invest my time in these responses if you are unwilling to listen to the Scriptures, since that is all I have to offer concerning the truth regarding salvation. I want you to know salvation, but there are others that are willing to hear, and Christ makes it clear in His ministry that I should invest my time in them. I would be more than willing to continue our discussion should you decide that you are willing to examine the issue from the Scriptures, as the Bereans did when Paul explained Christ to them for the first time(Acts 17).

    I do wish you the best, Melissa. I fear that at times my responses may sound harsh or overly blunt. I do not reply in this manner because I am trying to make you feel bad or because I am trying to prove that I am right. The reason I do it is because, although I do not know you, I do have Christian love for you and I desire the best for you. What that means in this instance is that I be direct about what the Scripture has to say. I will continue to pray for your spiritual well-being and happiness.

  59. Melissa

    it’s okay. you’re just blind to see that there’s 2 images of God. Genesis 1:27. I don’t want to argue anymore, you have your beliefs I have mine. and there’s 2 different laws, Moses law and Christ’s law. I’m only 17, and you probably label your religion. I’m just glad I’ll have eternal life thanks to Father and Mother. You have a single parent family. I’m done, have a wonderful day. :)

  60. Anonymous

    Do you see women on the earth? Your evidence that God has a female image. God said let US make man(male and female Gen 5:1-3)in Our image. Us is plural. Not too hard people why all this discussion. Mother is here hope you recognize before it’s too late. Dont end up like the sadducees…

  61. Ash

    Below is a recent video lecture on the World Mission Society Church of God by Korean professor Ji-il Tark of Busan Presbyterian University, whose father was murdered by a member of the cult.

  62. Jennifer

    I’m 14, and this Church has ravaged the relationship with most of my family! Especially… the relationship with my mom. She is an entirely different person since. I’m not a believer (though there were efforts among the “brothers” and “sisters” to convert me) and never will be. I can relate 100% to some posts listed above; my mom is constantly going to her church — she even started “recruiting”, as one poster saved me the fine analogy. She would leave at 2 PM and arrive no later than 10 or 11 PM.

    I’ve gone to this church; I’ve heard the preaching of God (Mother and Father, respectively), and, I have to admit, they MIGHT have concrete proof… but I keep seeing contradiction in all aspects of their ministry.

    They often go back and forth through the Bible, NITPICKING specific verses (though looking at the surrounding content will usually prove them). I can understand where they’re coming from, but when I’m feeling daring and ask certain kinds of questions… they end give me the usual droning memo: “Oh, it’s all in the Bible.” or “You have to go to the studies.” It’s infuriating.

    …To have lived my life in Christ and then have some recriminatory religion proclaim my damnation if I don’t settle for the god-mother. What bogus shite is that?!

  63. Mali

    My husband and I did get a pamphlet from them, but it’s just pretty pictures of happy animals and has no contact information or anything on it.

    We were also spoken to by a white guy with an, albeit male, Asian companion who did not speak.

    We actually wanted to talk to him at first because both of us are religious scholars who have a great deal to say about the feminine aspects of the Jewish/Christian/Muslim god, but I just ended up feeling bad for the main guy because he couldn’t even articulate what HE thought, let alone respond to what we were saying. At least Mormons and JW’s usually have a clear understanding of what THEY think. Plus, Mormons will do your yardwork and housework for you.

    All I have to say is, if you’re going to wander neighborhoods asked about the female aspects of God, you should at least KNOW the following things:

    1. Who Lilith was.
    2. The concept of Sophia/Hagia Sophia
    3. That nuns are considered ACTUAL BRIDES of Christ.

    Furthermore you shouldn’t say that no christian/jewish writing that’s not in the King James Bible “doesn’t count” – ESPECIALLY when you quote PETER the apostle as saying “only stuff from the apostles” counts and when The books of two apostles – Thomas and Barnabas were kicked out of the Bible.

    And finally, if you’re going to claim the pope and/or the catholic church is the FREAKIN’ ANTI-CHRIST, you really shouldn’t be listening to anything Peter says at all. Especially since it’s well-documented he was a SEVERE woman-hater. That might get in the way of your whole “divine mother” thing.

    Just Sayin’.

  64. genny

    My sister is involved in this church.
    Everyone has the freedom to believe what they want, truth or not, but if you choose to believe in the World Mission Society Church of God, you should at least know about all it’s contradictions and problems.
    Here are some resources:

  65. BT

    OMG: I think the Row Boat comment stream has de facto turned into the world’s premiere “Mother God” discussion forum?

  66. Hadas

    Hey this is a really great post. Just met two of those people, male and female, yesterday at the Time Warner Center. The funny thing is I am Jewish and they didn’t know so I know a lot about what they preach. Another funny thing is that they think that the Jewish people don’t know what they preach. Well, it’s all coming from the Hebrew tradition. Jesus was Jewish and he taught that tradition. The idea of the feminine aspect of God as taught in the Hebrew tradition is called Shechina or Shchina (look it up). The word means dwelling. It is the unseen hidden aspect of God, the receptive quiet voice, the container of light or what you guys call holy grail, hence pregnancy is associated with the feminine which is a container to the light.
    I liked a lot of things that these people said but I don’t understand one thing which is something that shows up many times whenever I interact with any kind of Church or an organization that claims to be teaching the ‘truth’. If they truly understand the essence of God why would they focus so much on Jesus, the Christ or any specific person who they claim to be god-like? This behavior shows that they do not understand God at all. God is everything, everywhere. It is not a man nor woman, it cannot be defined and that’s what most people fail to understand. The idea of God is greater than what our minds can process and so as people, in these bodies, we keep trying to reduce God into something concrete, to define and confine it, to make a sculpture out of it or create other images to represent it including the use of human beings as representations of God. This clearly shows a major misunderstanding. You don’t need to find God. You already have it. It’s inside each and every one of you (even the mother God is!). And all these people who tell you that they know the truth and other people don’t, don’t listen to them, because only you know the truth. Everything is the truth because God is everything. And if you find contradictions, then it is only because you still live with the belief that appearance is the essence. Apparent good or evil are all God because the essence of those is the same. Whereas good is the light and love, evil is a void that’s created when there’s the absence of light or the absence of love. It’s only the way these two are manifested in our world that lead us to confusion. Accept all because all is God and God is one and one is LOVE.

  67. tye

    2 people from this group also knocked on my door. Both were pleasant. A haiwaiian lady and a while man. Both in their 30s. Anyway they told me the same stuff. I also asked many questions. We talked for a couple of hours. They lady came to my house again along with a Asian lady this time. The asian lady took charge of the studies. towards the end they invited me to bible study on the upcoming Saturday. They told me that they went to church all day on Sat and that there would be no need to leave inbetween services because they provided food for you.
    What I felt was odd during the services was that 1. all female members sat together in the middle section of the church with their heads covered while the men sat on the far right. I asked about this and was told that it was this way so that the women would not talk with the husbands or boyfriends and distract the service. DON’T WOMEN WOMEN WHO SIT TOGETHER TALK TO EACH OTHER?? 2. Every church that I have ever visited, I’ve always had the pastor shake my hand or at least acknowledge me as a visitor there. My first two times there I did not get to meet the pastor to say hi or shank his hand…I was only able to hear him preach at the pulpit…Maybe because he was korean and there might have been a problem with understanding him….I don’t know. Anyways I was lead to believe that you mainly needed to be there on Saturdays….But the two females that brought me there called my home constantly and texted me constantly about going to church on Tuesdays and also going with them to meet other potential members thoughout the week. I felt like they were taking all of my time. And I am out exaggerating when I say that these they were very agressive. when I said that I could not come. they would keep calling to say that they were on their way to get me. I honestly started to feel as if I was being harrassed. If I told one of them that I could not go then they would have another member to call me right back…like double teaming or something. Against my better judement I let them talk me into getting baptized…I was told that God had a name (Jehovah), that Christ had a name (Jesus) and that there was one more person but that I would not be told the name until I had been to many more meetings. I continued to ask…then finally one of the members said I will tell you the name now if you promised to get baptized. Not thinking straight I agreed to it. My son and I were both baptized the following day. I thought that on this day I would finally get to shake hands with the pastor…it did not happened..even though he was in one of the rooms there. Instead I shook the hand of his wife (asian) and one of the brothers who performed the ceremony. Afterwards he was given a big book which he wrote down our names and address. Then while we were still dripping wet he took our picture….After that I was being hounded several times a day to go to bible study and to go to church on Tue and Sat….On top of that just hearing about the 2012 deal and there being a certain number of people that they need by then has just completely weired me out…like sometimes I find myself wondering “Will they come to my home sometime in 2012 and try to abduct me and my child”? I mean they do have my info on file now along with a picture. Anonyomous do you or anyone else out there have any advice or suggestions for me??

  68. tye


    I could really use your input…

  69. D.M.R.

    Dear tye,
    If you choose that you do not want to go to this church than no one can force you. The wonderful thing about God is that he gave us choice. He is not forcing us to.
    When I heard about heavenly father and heavenly mother i cried. I knew this was the truth. No one forced me to get baptized. i wanted to get baptized now knowing the truth.
    This brothers and sisters will not force you too.
    and the pastor is probably very busy. Read the Bible. It’s all in there

  70. threez

    I was also approached at school by two young girls with the same story, they too said it was for their theology class and they only had a few questions. I was taking a class break so i only had about 10 min to spare, I kept telling them to get to the point because they kept lagging it. I was very amused and entertained by what they had to say…I’m a mother of two with a full time job and going to school, i got no time to be wasting with foolishness by was intrigged by this new theology i had never heard of. We were supposed to have met two days after for more of this mother god but they never made it. I gave them my email and my phone number heard from them weeks later wanting to me. By this time i had spent the weekend with my son at the hospital like i said i dont have time to play games.

    I would have been interested in this whole thing but two things put me off…there is a date for this end of world type of thing…2012? and mother god is alive living in korean…haha you got to be kidding me. Is this a joke? I’m not believing in someone who is alive….and serving three days out of the week. I got bills to pay people kids to support is not happening lol.

    Thanks for all your replies this was awesome!

  71. Child123

    Please Listen to the Voice that’s speaking to you. Do not be fixed in your own thoughts and ideas. If you dont listen then you will never learn( i was also like this).

  72. mandy

    Unfortunately, the bible speaks about false prophets and to be aware and watchful. The bible is clear in the second coming of Jesus. He will be like a thief in the night, we will not know the day or hour he will come bakc, but when he does he will take all his people back with him. Unfortunately many people in thsi denomination take the bible so literally and are unable to understand the metaphors that constantly show up n the bible.
    Jesus died once! He is to never die again to prove that not even death can hold back the saving power of Jesus. He has NOT returned yet, believe me if he DID we will know. When Jesus comes back he will come back for his people and leave, there is no waiting period, no…hanging out for years and years to come..that is not biblical at all. Nor did he speak about coming back in the form of a woman or “mother”.

    I find it interesting that Gaby said that the part about mother god is secretive and hidden…WHAT???!!! So does that mean that God makes it difficult for us to know who he is? No, that is opposite of who God is..Yeah the bible says tere will be mysteries and things that we cannot explain in the flesh but if God wanted us to know there was a female…he would have said it when he speaks of creating the world. The bible talks about 3 the Fther the Son and the Holy Spirit…not no mama ya’ll.

  73. tye


  74. rachel

    i wish to say if there is a God of mother and the God of father(trinity),then if we pray to God of mother,it will be different from God the father!because the bible only say God is trinity which is the father son and holy spirt and no mother!and the bible didnt say that there is a God of mother,they say bribe but what makes you think that bribe is God of mother?and if God of mother is true,i wont worship her or anything,as she dont do anything for me,unlike God the father who has done great and mighty things in my life and send his only beloved son to die on the cross for us.So whats the point of talking much about her and make ourself confused and doubt God.We cant assure that if there a God of father there must be God of mother as we humans are totally different from God!and God himself know much more things than we humans,thus the bribe maybe other things,you cant assure unless God come and tell you that bribe is God of mother.and you see those ‘bribe’ words are written in revelation and revelation is about the end times which havent even come,so we can assure that bribe is God of Mother.the bible never indicate that there is God of mother and everyone knows that it clearly indicate that ther is God the father!Lastly i just want to say end times is near and there will be many fake saying!

  75. rachel

    oh and there is many different prophets saying that there is a mother of God,some even can show me how it looks!God is bright and no one can see him how can you see God of mother?unless you telling me that God of mother is an unholy God?and why do you guys believe in God of mother so much,when so what if is a god of mother it makes no different!God loves you brother and sister in christ a lot,the only way to do God wants you to do is to be close to him and you will know that there is no such thing as God of mother,if there is the holy sprit will tell you!its one of the fake prophets,no offense.btw,BEWARE!

  76. tye

    Thank you Rachel for your wise words.

  77. john

    when he said let us make man in our image our likeliness he is not talking to whoever God the mother is.. there is no such thing give me a clear verse that says there is God the mother? only god the father an when it says in Genesis let us make man in our image he is talking to the son Jesus christ The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit…
    how do i know this…
    John 1-2: in the beginning was the word the word was with God the word was God…Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.
    verse 14 the word became flesh(jesus christ)…

    john 17:5
    And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began…
    You cannot use scriptures or verses and take it out of context…plus there is no clear verse that will say God the mother… when there is only God the father…

    and for the creation he created women so that man will have company…. sure they were both made in Gods image still does not explain anything about God the mother…
    so As a christian there is no such thing as god the Mother…. and u wont find it in the bible..

  78. Child of God

    A while back my friend had come 2 me and was telling me about the second coming Christ. At first my response was of course…YOUR CRAZY!!! but after a while of her continuing 2 talk about it I became more interested and wanted 2 see 4 myself. I figured my dearest friend who loves me, wouldnt lead me astray, so I went 2 a study myself. The first study I did was “Learn The lesson Of The fig Tree” I was absolutly amazed. tears came 2 my eyes and I felt truely blessed 4 God allowing me 2 be 1 of the 1s 2 hear the trumpets!!! If you havent learned the lesson from the fig tree how can you say he never came back. anyways…I wanted 2 make sure this was no game, trick, or test. and definatly not a cult!!! My father always taught me 2 do my research. I researched history. the bible. The TRUTH!!! Ive never been 1 2 be easily fooled or tricked. I had 2 make sure, I mean this was my salvation at stake…RIGHT??? So I researched 2 the T. And not only that but i studied lesson after lesson, and still study and have yet 2 find any lies or falseness N The Church Of God. or their teachings. Everything we learn comes from God himself. Its something you have 2 see 2 believe. Do your own research.and BIBLE STUDIES!!!! The BIBLE DOESNT LIE. I THANK MOTHER AND FATHER EVERY DAY 4 BLESSING ME!!!! Take a trip 2 The Church Of God and learn 4 yourselves. They have came. Who cares if God is a woman or Man or “BOTH”. “ASIAN”, Black or white??? I Dont!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. ajmal gill

    In the bible, it is clearly written wife of the bridegroom.Rev.19,21 chapter.she is jerusalem, she is the Mother of the of the apostle paul Gal.4:26.if it is not written in the bible then The teaching of the God the Mother is wrong.So it is not a new thing . It is written in the bible so the person who believe bible must also believe what is written in it.and apostles teaching and God the father s will.If you has any questions please tell to me with the grace of my father Ahn Sahng Hong .I will help.

  80. NOOSH

    I loved this Blog!
    I describes almost word for word what happened to me tonight!
    I was just approached by two young men while I was having dinner. They asked me if I believed in God, and I said yes. (As I am a devout follower of Christ). Then the verses began…highlighted section after section COMPLETELY out of context sadly. So sad it broke my heart in fact. The Word of God is very precious to me. They both mentioned Mother God. I informed them that I did not believe in another entity and that the Bride meant “The church” the beloved of God (As is referred to in the book of Revelation which they kept referencing). As I disagreed with them firmly yet with love and gracein my heart for them, I mentioned that as Christ was reaching His last moments on the cross, He cried out to “Eloi” which in Hebrew means Two. I explained to them that He was calling to God The Father and The Holy Spirit. He would count as 3. This refutes there being a MOTHER head and further solidifies the holy Trinity. God the Father, Son, And the holy Spirit. I’ll pray for them.

  81. MARK

    I have been to South Korea. In 2002, I found out about the New Jerusalem Mother and was taught as much as I could learn while working as an English Teacher. I had much doubts and was constantly at odds with myself over this, being a devout Christian my whole life, mostly in the catholic church. Once I learned more, I decided to accept the Spirit and the bride as our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. I have no doubts now. I am a witness to what I have seen. New Jerusalem Mother Zahng, Gil Jah is our HEAVENLY MOTHER. We are all brothers and sisters who have gone astray from God. Spiritually, we are all from God, and one day in the near future, I hope to return to God in heaven as a spiritual being. I would only like to add that Passover which Jesus gave us 2000 years ago is an important part of our belief and it is coming soon…April 17th, 6pm…beginning with a foot-washing ceremony, followed by bread and wine of Passover, for the forgiveness of sins, salvation, and eternal life….Exodus 12, Leviticus 23, John 6:53, Matthew 26:17~, and Luke 22:17. God bless all the members of Church of God, World Mission Society. God bless all those who have heard but yet do not believe in Heavenly Mother. I pray they will be blessed by God’s mercy and grace to understand…these are the last days and we are experiencing much distress today, like the bible warned us about…earthquakes, famines, wars, rumors of wars, etc…
    Please explore and learn more about our church before making a concrete decision to reject God, our MOTHER. I was with her in New Jerusalem in 2007 and I know she is God. Amen!….God bless you. Mark, brother

  82. Y'Shua Believer

    Hey people wake up!! and read Matthew 22 : 27-30

    27 Finally, the woman died. 28 Now then, at the resurrection, whose wife will she be of the seven, since all of them were married to her?” 29 Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God. 30 At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.

    will be like the angels in heaven means no sex, no gender, no genital because angel is spirit, not flesh!! and at the resurrection people will be transformed from flesh body to spirit fom!!

    WAKE UP, please!! …

  83. Y'Shua Believer

    Remember and read again!! Matthew 28 : 18-20

    18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

    “ALL” authority in “heaven” and on “earth” has been given to Jesus!! means “Only Jesus” has the “eternal” power and glory to save people!! thus Jesus is the “Only Way”!!

    and Jesus has “taught & commanded” baptizing people in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit only!! that “only then” Jesus will surely be with HIS people always, to the very end of the age!!

    Wake up PEOPLE!! …

  84. Y'Shua Believer

    and … God is SPIRIT, not flesh!! …

  85. Y'Shua Believer

    and … God has foretold and revealed this … READ!! the whole of Jeremiah 7 spesifically Jeremiah 7 : 18-19, and the whole of Jeremiah 44 …

    18 The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough and make cakes to offer to the Queen of Heaven. They pour out drink offerings to other gods to arouse my anger. 19 But am I the one they are provoking? declares the LORD. Are they not rather harming themselves, to their own shame?

  86. Y'Shua Believer

    … GOD is the Only “KING of Heaven”!! …

  87. MARK

    Amen! God bless you, brother…

    I will continue to believe in Heavenly Mother the bride of the Spirit…Christ Ahnsahnghong…who gives us the new covenant Passover…April 17th…at World Mission Society, Church of God…6pm…foot-washing ceremony….followed at approximately 7pm…bread and wine…body and blood of Christ.
    Mark, brother

  88. Y'Shua Believer

    1 Timothy 2 : 5-6

    5 For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, 6 who gave himself as a ransom for all people. This has now been witnessed to at the proper time.

    BUT again, for the last, PLEASE remember!! and consider this Jeremiah 44 : 25-26

    25 This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: You and your wives have done what you said you would do when you promised, ‘We will certainly carry out the vows we made to burn incense and pour out drink offerings to the Queen of Heaven.’ “Go ahead then, do what you promised! Keep your vows! 26 But hear the word of the LORD, all you Jews living in Egypt: ‘I swear by my great name,’ says the LORD, ‘that no one from Judah living anywhere in Egypt will ever again invoke my name or swear, “As surely as the Sovereign LORD lives.”

  89. MARK

    No one man or woman on this earth can change my belief…

    I stand on Mount Zion with 144,000, home of the new covenant feasts of the Spirit and the bride, who give us the water of life.

    Revelation 14:1~5
    Revelation 22:17
    Revelation 19:7
    Revelation 21:2, 9~
    Galatians 4:26

    MOTHER of us all.


    Matthew 26:17~28
    Luke 22:7~20
    John 6:53

    Feast of Tabernacles…
    John 7

    Sabbath day is Saturday…
    Luke 4:16~
    Mark 16:1, 9

    Sabbath was over…Sunday is Resurrection Day…April 24th.



    All praise honor and glory to God most High, Father and Mother.
    Ahnsahnghong and bride of the Spirit, MOTHER.

    Peace be with you…Holy Spirit be with you…

    or not???

    Mark, brother

  90. True Christain Beliver!

    Im in Seattle, Washington today I was approached by two young ladies at the mall and the same situation happened to me they asked if i knew about this “mother god”. To make a long story short it was different people same kind of encounter. After doing alittle research and talking to my mother ( which whom is a pastor), It made me very angry that these people are taking the bible out of context and having the nerve to call themselves christian. The belief of a mother god is against Gods commandments. So for you people who believe the mother god concept I pray that you get it together and really do some research on your false god and the whole heartedly seek out the true and living God.

  91. I Believe in God the Mother and Father

    I Believe in God the Mother and Father
    Asked and pray for wisdom. Just as Jesus came 2000 years in the FLESH as a MAN Carpenter, no majesty to him (Isaiah 53:2). His own chosen people rejected him and guess what they killed him. Not until after he died did they realize that they killed GOD. However if they would have believed in the Old testament which prophesied about him they would have known that he was GOD. When reading and understanding prophecy about 2nd coming Christ and MOTHER the BIBLE give several indicators on how his people/ Children can recognize him in several scripture in the bible. Just as it is now in THE LAST day’s people are denying GOD. I’m sorry we have a Living GOD yes Mother and Yes God the Father came as well. Please don’t be like the people spoken of in the bible who denied the disciples who came to bring them the good news THE GOSPEAL of Second Coming Christ and New Jerusalem. Pray earnestly. And study the Bible (Hosea 4:6). His people are destroyed for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. People tend to try to make the bible fit their situation or their reality but what is written in the BIBLE is the truth it may be harsh and at times hard to accept because of tradition or teachings that we were taught from birth. The BIBLE is TRUTH and every word should be taken as such….

  92. Mark

    All Praise, honor, glory, and thankfulness goes to our Spirit and our bride who give us the much needed spiritual water of life in these last days.
    Christ Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem MOTHER!!!
    To heaven we shall go…Mount Zion.
    God bless the true believers.
    God help the non-believers.
    Peace be with you…
    God be with you…HOLY SPIRIT and His Bride.

  93. Sean Anthony

    I am one of “these people.” I live in the San Fernado valley. Pacoima to be exact. If any one ever wants to study about the Mother of us all, the truth of salvation, or have a question about the Bible which has not yet been answered please email me.

    God Bless You

  94. Mark

    I want to study with you brother…always want to study the TRUTH contained through Jesus Christ…about Father and Mother and the new covenant, including Sabbath day on Saturday and Passover Feast to Feast of Tabernacles.
    God be with you and Peace and Love of God be with you, brother, brothers and sisters in the faith…TRUE…Mark, brother

  95. grheize

    Amen!.. The existence of God the Father and God the Mother as well, are clearly testified in the bible. Only those who has humble mind and heart can accept and understand the truth about Them. God bless you all. <3

  96. D.

    On mothersday i had a dream that i will soon transform 2 something different, without a body, but to understand it all i first have to get baptized. I have a friend who is in the church of god at studies a day with me, that was last year. I was so busy with my study in college and i said to her, its not that i dont believe what you are saying, its more i have a strong mind and if im ready to open up i will notice, i just know right now im not ready for information that will come to my ear, the information will do nothing with my mind and heart at the moment. And then she left, we stayed good friends.

    Now i think 6 months later, i saw the movie Thor in the cinema, its a marvel. I thought it was such a good movie and the story brought me thinking, there was something interesting about it. Thor was 1 of the gods and he did not obayed is father, not showed his people the right way of being, there was so much anger in him aswell and his brother was always jelous of him. Because of Thor not listening to his father the King, he was send to planet earth and all his almighty powers was gone. His father said ro him, The person that is Thor Worthy will have all the powers. The meaning was, at least my interpreation of it, that Thor was send to planet earth of a sin and he has to learned Kindness and loveness from the human mandkind, so he became a man and meant nothing, till the day he helped so many people, saved people, felt loving, offers himself, he got his powers back and returned to the place they lived in the universe. My interpretation of it, was that Thor his father knew that Thor one day will get all his powers back, but thor himself had to do something for it to earn it back.

    The story kept me thinking it was so interesting, and since a little kid i had something with the universe, i dunno why. And at the moment i only go 1 day school 1 day internship because i feel my brain needs some rest, im listening to my body, my body cannot keep up what my minds what to do because its not capable of it.

    So the inspiration of the movie Thor and the time i have right now got me open up to learn more of the bible, because i belief that there is a somebody that made it all, i believe in the relativity theory of einstein and that times means something different on earth then in space. And then tuesday i was free and asked my friend if she had any plans because i was bored. She said she is going to church, i can join if i want. I said yes, i wanted it to, it was my time right now, that was the feeling i got when i said yes. It was like my mind and heart were ready to receive information now. And i also spoked to people of the church, i was glad i went and i got baptized that day, today is sabbatday and im going to church. The feeling i have right now is, i think god chose his people from the beginning, he allready know and the people who will be open to receive information are blessed.

    Greetings D. from the Netherlands

  97. Mark

    Amen! May the Holy Spirit be with you always…and forever…2011…2012…

    Peace and love of Father and Mother be with you sister.

    Mark, brother

  98. Anonymous Girl

    This people who come up to you in the mall are part of a cult. It only makes sense. Why would you have to try to foist your religion onto people? Look, I’m an educated person…but I know cult practice when I see it. These people only approach me when I’m alone. I’m a young 20-something female…and it’s only when I’m alone that these people come up to me. Usually I’m in a mall or some crowded place. I usually just ignore them when they start talking to me about “god the mother” and then they sort of hurry off shamedly and leave the store/premisis immediately before I can report them for soliciting. No one EVER approaches me when I’m with my mom or boyfriend. I also never see them go up to older men or women. These people are taught who to approach/who not to approach. They try to find vulnerable people. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sort of “tithing” you have to pay in order to continue being a member of this “church”. It’s ridiculous. All cults are started by individuals claiming to be some sort of new coming of Jesus and this is no different. Use your head people!

  99. Beth

    Don’t take these people lightly. There is a fool born every minute and I am Talking from my own experience since my own daughter fell for this bums who talk about Heavenly mother and Heavenly father. They destroy families by talking about the end of the world . They definitely are fans of highlighters and they are taught like a parrot by picking up lines from the bible that talks about Jahng Gil-Jah. Please keep away from them.

  100. Dorene

    I was aproached by an old friend today, concerning mother god. My response to it all is simply this, I am sceptical of anything that cannot be discussed openly and without a script. If this belief system is “truth” then why are they not forthcoming with information about themselves? I had to ask 4 times before I could get an answer about what church she attends.

  101. JEssy

    By the way people.. There are two main churches called Church of GOD.. They are very different.

    The church of God that this article is talking about.. only requires Saturday service. You might be talking about the other church of god which.. idk what they believe in but Church of God that believes in God the Mother encourages being with family.

  102. Mark

    World Mission Society, Church of God is the only church that keeps Passover, which Jesus Christ gave as a new covenant…Matthew 26:17~28, John 6:53, Luke 22:7~20, and Mark 14:12~24, and the Spirit and the bride give us now. Spirit is Christ Ahnsahnghong and bride is New Jerusalem Mother. Without properly being taught and learning this in the World MIssion Society,Church of God, you will not understand and you will not know the TRUTH. My advice, being a member of this church, is to go with my brothers and sisters to learn the truth. Then make your own decision. I studied for 3 months before I got baptized with the Holy Spirit and water per Jesus in John 3:3~8.
    Matthew 28:18~20…Jesus told the disciples to preach the good news to all creation and teach them everything He commanded them…including Passover and Sabbath day…Saturday’s.
    Mark 16:15~16…Jesus again tells the disciples to go preach to everyone, those who believe the good news will be saved. Those who don’t will be condemned.

    I PRAY TO GOD YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE…the Spirit and the bride…Revelation 22:17…who give us the water of life, now…is REAL.

    I believe this to be true.

    Please, go to check it out for yourselves without rushing to judgement, because only God can judge.

    Mark, brother
    World MissionSociety, Church of God

  103. Ben

    The US referred to in Genesis between God and Jesus. God own direct creation. When God say “Let Us…”. He was talking to Jesus. This aspect is impossible for CoG to process because they have been brainwashed that Jesus Is God.

  104. Please dont be confused

    Hello Everyone! It was really interesting for me to read these comments. Actually I was approached by Chruch of God Members as well.
    For years I had been atheist because although I was raised Christian all I saw was hypocrisy. One can just pick up a history book (or the Bible : ) to see that what the majority of Christians do is not in the least bit biblical. Christmas of course has nothing to do with Christ. Sunday, a day to worship the sun god; Mary Idolatry, a pattern from mother-son worship in the Babylonian empire and something seen throughout Egyptian history; and so much more! Furthermore, no one could prove to me why they thought Jesus was Christ, or why they thought the Bible was true, they would just say “have faith!” Even through the Bible one can see that having faith through God’s eyes requires action. (James 2:14-26)

    Anyways, I finally went to study with Church of God members after hearing about God the Mother, because if you read the context of Rev 22 one can see that it is indeed God that says He will give the Water of Life. (Of course “Jesus” is speaking here, but we know that by this point Jesus Christ has already ascended, and that the prophecies in the Apostolic Age are not concerning Jesus Christ in the age of the son, but concerning second-coming Christ as the Spirit (Rev 3:12)

    So who gives the water of life in Rev 22:17? God says He will (Rev 21:6), and we have the Spirit and the Bride. We already know the bride is the wife of the Lamb –which again, Lamb (or Christ) in this context would be 2nd coming– So when they showed me this I was really interested. Even in Galatians where it refers to Jerusalem being our Mother, if we go back to the first account of this story (Genesis 15:2-4; 17:15) we can see that Abraham’s child was only a child of promise after the true mother was along with him. (Which is why Isaac, was chosen by God). It just fits so perfectly!

    So I went and studied, and I asked them why do you believe this is fact? Why do you believe Jesus is God, etc. and they showed me!! It’s just amazing!! Seriously I mean … everyone always said they had the truth, but they could never back it up, well the Bible is truly a book of prophecy! And there ARE more versus about Mother, she really is testified throughout the whole Bible! Ahnsahnghong is TRUE God there are so many prophecies that testify Him and everything fits together perfectly. It’s Amazing.

    Now yes my life is different and I thank Father and Mother everyday. Please just understand it’s not that the Truth breaks up families, because our Heavenly Mother NEVER says not to be with our families!! But personally I follow the laws of God and I always observe the Sabbath in the new way as Christ did and the Feasts of God as well. Example: It might be a party or a soccer game I am invited to, but take a moment to read about the Passover which only comes once a year (John 6:53; Matt 26:17) This is SO important, and there is so, so much blessing! From reading this you can see how horrible to would be to miss the Passover for anything.

    Someone mentioned that their girlfriend said that he was not in line with the way to salvation. Now as someone on the other end, please understand: my boyfriend who I loved so much would say things like: don’t keep the Sabbath let’s go away to the beach, or let’s go to the bar, or don’t wake up for the Feast of God, sleep in, and of course lots of sex. Yes we had planned our marriage and kids, but with this person always pushing me to go against the word of God, how could I stay? Understand? If it was fake, who cares? But because it is Truth, then it is not something that can be brushed away. Elohim God is real. I have only gained good from knowing the truth. Please understand that when we beg our families and loved ones to just please come and see, it’s because once you go and see for yourself then you’ll understand.

    I pray that those reading this will go to study and see for yourselves, and that those already in the truth will be continued to be blessed by our glorious Father and Mother.

    God Bless You SO MUCH!!! <3 <3 <3





  107. Amitraj

    I have been in this church for quite a few years, but this was then when i was not mature enough to reason things or test the spirit. The church have many factors that are enough to evident that they are surely not true church. They started with Jesus and then had their own Christ, in fact i should not blame Ahansanghong for this coz i think he was just a scholar whom they now portray as Christ or holy spirit.
    They cannot answer a simple question in a way that may seem sensible. WHY ARE WE ON EARTH? They say we are bearing punishment for our sin against God in heaven. (They say under influence of satan we tried to kill so called Mother Father.). This does not make sense as, if he wanted to punish us why would he send us to this earth where we are enjoying our life. But the truth about the existence of our entity is something else which most people dont know.

  108. Perth resident

    I began searching for contact details of the Elohim Academy in Perth, Australia after I encountered two of its members door-knocking in our area. The encounter was very much like most of those described in this blog. Two Asian women, unthreatening but perhaps over-excited and giggly, asked me to fill in a survey to help them with an assignment for their Bible school, “Just one page” and I agreed. I believe the Bible and am open to considering alternate interpretations of it, provided I can be satisfied that there is logical reasoning and that passages are quoted in context.

    I have to say that I didn’t wait to hear the whole presentation. While I was happy to fill in the survey (which ulitised all of the same quotes), they tried to make it a discussion on each question. When I had completed the survey, they began talking over each other to explain some laminated diagrams and I ended the encounter.

    I wanted to give some feedback, however was unable to find a website or email address (as appears to be the experience of others who have posted on this blog).

    Basically I think there will be limited success in talking to people on any theological issue unless you:
    1. Let the person know up front what your aim is
    2. Let the person know what is expected of them in the encounter (eg. time required)
    3. Give the person a chance to agree to participate before proceeding further into the discussion

    For example, I was happy to complete the survey, but it lost structure when they started discussing each point. They could have waited until I finished & then asked if I would discuss some of my answers (& accepted it should I have declined to do so, perhaps offering further information/reading material). The subject may have been interesting to discuss, but they lost me very quickly with their approach.

    So it seems they will never get my feedback & will continue to lose opportunities for intelligent discussions.

  109. tye

    could someone please provide some insight into the church needing a certain amout of members by the beginning or end of 2012. and who came of with this date? Is it suppose to be the end of the world. is this church approaching so many people in an agressive manner because they are trying to reach this NUMBER???

  110. FinallyFree

    They are not looking for a specific number of members by 2012. Ahnsahnghong predicted the end of the world would be in 1988 and 2012. You can see proof on this Korean website:
    They approach people in an aggressive manner because they are working hard to steal people’s money. If you want to see the connection that the WMSCOG has to Big Shine Worldwide, Inc, go to,79728,102080#msg-102080
    There you will also find info on how the WMSCOG lied to the IRS on their applications for tax exempt status!!!
    The members of this horrible organization need to wake up!!! Stop giving them your hard earned money, hours of slave labor, and go back to the families that love you!
    For more info go to

  111. Marc

    Hi,there its this morning this whole mother of God thing came to my mind and i jumped of bed to do a research…a day or 2 ago i came across this people, 2 young men, one was then preaching to someone, and the other one stopped me…i was in hurry but i thought of getting some lil time to listen to him…and as you have described in your passage, thats exactly what they told me…
    and all the story was about God the mother, which i find it very difficult to understand… because when the Bible says about the new Jerusalem its talking about the kingdom of God which will be like a bride to his husband..which to me means how happy it will be like for human to see the Kingdom of God..
    Marc from Accra.

  112. tye

    can anyone share some light on this group of people who seem to have a “certain number of people to recruit’ for 2012

  113. Mark

    2011…updated July 15, 2011…

    from San Francisco, CA…

    to Shanghai, China…

    around the world…

    the good news is preached to the whole world…

    Repent! The kingdom of heaven is near…yes from the east…
    the ends of the earth…sing from Mount Zion to the throne…
    from the ends of the earth fllying like doves to Mother…according
    to scriptures…the prophecy is being fulfilled today…
    Wake up people…seek the truth while it is at hand…

    God bless you all…not curse you all…

    ok…Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem Mother are
    the Spirit and the bride…Revelation 22:17…giving us the
    spiritual water of life….thirsty and hungry souls….come!!!come!!!come!!!
    Receive freely from them…only them…ok…

    Mark 16:15
    Matthew 28:18

    Mark, brother
    World Mission Society, Church of God

  114. king

    well, the doctrine of god the mother and the christ second coming in the presence of sang-song is not biblical and own interpretation of the bible… ladies and gentlemen lets examine before we accept… lets examine in the book of revelation 22:17 if in that verse tells that the bride was the water of life giver… in that verse u can’t read that the bride give a water of life

    “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”

    u can’t read it that the bride give the water of life, the bride invites only to the people who thirst…

    for example my mother have a money and she wants to give it to the people, and then she told me to help her to call all the people who hear and take the money…

    and WE say, come. and let him that heareth say, come and let him that have no money come. and whosoever will, let him take the money.

    that’s all!!!

    the spirit and bride in 22:17 only invites people who are thirst…

  115. king

    if u want the true gospel of Christ and the truth:

    go to these websites…

  116. Mark

    Sad…you must not be thirsty, my friend, my lost brother,
    or else you would come to understand who are the Spirit and the bride…
    I know that Christ Ahnsahnghong is the Spirit and Zahng Gil Ja is the bride, because I am a witness to what I have seen and heard just like the bible says…Revelation…taken by the Spirit to a mountain….Mount Zion…Holy City, new Jerusalem, where God dwells, because God is with man, now…2011…

    God bless all those who see and did not see…to those who
    hear and have heard…to those who follow the Spirit and the bride, I say…”God be with you.”

    All others…pray to God for help.

    God bless you.

    Mark, brother

  117. JASON

    Where can you read the term MOTHER GOD? Is it a modern day invention?Is the bible your reference?

  118. king

    huh? who told you that ahnsahnghong is the spirit?he is only a human like us. granting for the sake of argument that he is the spirit but according to GALATIANs 1:7-8

    7Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.
    8But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    even apostle or angel from heaven preach any gospel than what the Lord Jesus preach let him be accursed.
    ahnsahnhong teach any gospel than the gospel of the apostles… apostles, even Jesus Christ did not teach about god the mother… you can’t read in the bible about god the mother…
    you witnessed? you heard? what you had heard and witnessing?

    huh? there are human being like us…

    Jeremiah 17:5
    Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.

    let him be cursed…
    don’t be decieved…

    1john 4:1
    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    try the spirit if they are of God…
    how? how we can try the spirit?
    ask any question, because the true prophets/messenger of God is the steward of the mysteries of God… as what 1Corinthians states;
    “Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.”
    if he is the steward of the mysteries of God he should know all the question in line in the bible…
    so try them…
    ask them in this question…


    ask them… try them…
    because bible says

    Haggai 2:11
    Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Ask now the priests concerning the law, saying,

    ask your pastors now

    and according to 1peter 3:15
    But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

    if your pastor not ready to answer you instantly, he is not from God… because in

    Luke 21:15 says
    For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

    God will give you a mouth and wisdom… if your pastor can’t answer that question he is not from God… because God will give you a mouth and wisdom to answer the question instantly…

    God’s people shall never be put to a shame…

    God bless…
    try to ask them… test them…

  119. JASON

    What is your religion king? It seems that you know a lot from the BIBLE.and it seems or shall i say you are talking with reference and proof,that is more believing and the simple line of thinking of man can easily grasp.Im not saying that the host of this site is wrong but i just want to point out my opinion that as what ive read also in the bible that we should not preach or believe more than or less than what is written in the bible.god the mother is not a mystery to me because theres nothing to decipher,theres nothing to decode.Now,if you really are the man of God, you can answer the questions and im claiming with firm conviction that the bible answers a lot.

  120. king

    www. mcgi. org
    www. esoriano. wordpress. com
    www. twitter. com/broelisoriano

    if you want to test our leader… try and ask any question… every Thursday 3am you can ask any question live…
    www. livestream. com/elisoriano

  121. JASON

    ok ill try

  122. Mark

    Want to learn more, please go to your nearest church, World Mission Society, Church of God, the Spirit and the bride, Christ the 2nd Coming, Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, just like the ancient China, 6000 years ago, Adam and Eve, a heavenly mandate has been put down since ancient times…Heavenly kingdom is here now on this earth according to prophecy…

    Revelation 22:17 The Spirit and the bride

    Revelation 22:2, 9 holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven, and the dwelling of God will be with man on this earth…now…2011…it is here…and inside the New Jerusalem Temple is the bride of the Spirit, the wife of the Lamb….

    Revelation 19:7 wedding supper of the Lamb
    (Passover is the wedding supper = Last Supper of Jesus Christ)
    Matthew 26:17~ Passover with bread and wine at the appointed time every year according to God…Exodus 12…Leviticus 23…old covenant was changed to the new covenant of Jesus Christ…but the new covenant feasts are still kept according to the teachings of Jesus Christ…it is through Jesus Christ that we come to know who are the Spirit and the bride in Revelation…Jesus told John what would happen in the future…and the future is now…ok…understand…???

    thus according to Apostle Paul in Galatians 4:27~~~ The Jerusalem that is above is free and she is our MOTHER.

    Heaven Father and Heavenly Mother are here like Jesus was 2000 years ago to give us life, love, freedom, (heavenly kingdom spiritual things) and set us free from bondage in sin because the whole world is controlled by Satan, the devil.

    Come!!! Come!!! The Spirit and the bride say Come! Receive the water of life, freely…not a thirst for physical water, but a thirst for hearing the words of the Lord, ..spiritual water…Amos 8:11~13.

    Come to our church like Jehovah says, like Jesus says, like the Spirit and the Bride, say…Come! (Father, Son , & Holy Spirit) and his bride…
    with fine linen…righteous acts of the saints…

    Mark, Brother
    Mark, the gospel man
    Mark, the water carrier
    Mark, the man of God
    Mark, the house and room where Passover was kept by Jesus Christ, himself, in the flesh, on this earth. etc…

    All other churches and religions are now void and nil.

    We have the true God, Elohim = Father and Mother
    Heavenly Father is Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother is Zahng Gil Ja.

    E = M C2

    Elohim = Mother and Christ, the 2nd Coming.

    Sabbath day is Saturday, the 7th day of the week…
    Feast of Tabernacles…
    New Jerusalem Mother
    Father came from the East…

    come and study these and many more from our Church of God, World Mission Society.

    The early church was called church of God. Acts 20:28
    Keep watch over yourselves and over the flock which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood.

    Jesus shed precious blood for our sins and for eternal life…

    Passover is the way to keep the new covenant of Jesus Christ, now, 2000 years later, we have the appearance of the Spirit and the bride, according to Jesus, and they give us the very same Passover with bread and wine.

    No other church or religion in the world has this, except the World Mission Society, Church of God.

    study more and you will find out more of the TRUTH…

    not what some people on this blog site are saying about it….

    they lack knowledge and wisdom from God.

    Peace and love from the Spirit and the bride to
    your household and your family….

    hurry…don’t delay…the last day is coming…


  123. king

    mark, huh? give me your proof mark… don’t make a story
    Mark 7:13
    “Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.”

    ladies and gentlemen lets examine the book of REVELATION 22:17
    what the verse says?
    “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”

    it tells about the Spirit and the Bride… but you can’t read that the bride is God… and then you tell me she give a water of life to those who are thirsty? no! she is not the giver of water of life… she only invite to those people who are thirsty…

    revelation 19:7 oh what a conclusion!!! this is not the last supper of Christ… you can’t read in this verse that there is a supper happen.. the event here is the incoming wedding of the bride and the lamb…

    revelation 19:7
    “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.”

    that’s what the bible says… you can’t read the word supper their…

    “Heavenly Father is Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother is Zahng Gil Ja”
    where you find in the bible that these 2 names is the hevenly mother and father? give me the verse in bible, if you considered the bible as the Christian faith basis…

  124. king

    we’re not like you because in biblical truth… in biblical wisdom… your doctrine are not biblical… illogical… senseless… not sensible…

  125. king

    if you want to know about our preacher go to youtube

    www. youtube .com/broelisoriano
    www. youtube .com/theoldpath
    www. youtube .com/theoldpathmedia

  126. king

    www. youtube .com/truthcaster

  127. king

    mark if you are the man of god as what you’ve said…
    lets test it if you are the true man of God and why the Lord Jesus want us not to believe every spirit and try them? as what our Lord Jesus said in
    1 john 4:1
    “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

    that’s the reason we’re not believe every spirit because many false prophets gone out into the world and that is true… there so many religion now, claiming that they are the true christian… how can we identify if they are the true christian?
    the big churches? the numbers of member? the beautiful songs?
    according to
    John 7:17
    “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself”

    we identify the true Christian /man of God through his doctrine/teaching…
    now if you are the true MAN OF GOD i will try your spirit if you are from God because i believe that the man of God is the steward of the mysteries of God as what

    1corinthian 4:1 says
    “Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.”

    so the minister of Christ/Man of God is the stewards of the mysteries of God. meaning to say that all the mysteries of God is not secret to him because he is being entrusted by God. so he can answer all the questions about mysteries of God…

    MARK answer this two question…


    if you can’t answer this you are a false prophet and your church is came from satan…

  128. Andrea

    I have been trying to understand the true meaning of the words on the bible for a while and because of that I have been in many churches. Now, I realized after so many years of searching that many of the churches live on man made customs and don’t really follow what the bible says. The Church of God follows everything the bible teaches and that is the reason why the are so passionate about it. They know that salvation is not garanteed, that God will only have mercy on whom He wants to have mercy. So, they try really hard to keep up with all the laws and commands and covenants from the old and new testament. God is the only one that can open our eyes and show as the way. Many will be called but a few chosen. Give thanks to God that he gave you an opportunity to hear about him, In the end that might be what saves you or condemns you. God Bless You.

  129. king

    mark i’m waiting for your answer…

    anybody here… ask your pastor try them if they are from God…

    as what

    1 john 4:1
    “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”


  130. grace

    Mark Brother,

    We know the answer for their question. But they will not accept it, coz they have their own interpretation for that. If they can’t accept Passover, Sabbath and Mother. Its no use to continue this conversation particularly with King… If they are really from God, they will understand you.

    (John 10:25-27)
    New International Version (NIV)
    25 Jesus answered, “I did tell you, but you do not believe. The works I do in my Father’s name testify about me, 26 but you do not believe because you are not my sheep. 27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

    I know their church.. They are not from God.. They’re explanation and interpretations are just from human thought.. “ Eli Soriano”
    Remember what God taught us through the following verses:
    Revelation 5
    The Scroll and the Lamb
    1 Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides and sealed with seven seals. 2 And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice, “Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?” 3 But no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside it. 4 I wept and wept because no one was found who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside. 5 Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

    ::: No one can open the seal of the scroll.. not even their Pastor.. not unless, if they will claim that Eli Soriano is the Root of David.. but that’s another thing to discuss.. There is no end for this conversation because they are not willing to accept our explanation, they will just bent the truth as God had prophesied..

    We know who the Root of David is and we should follow what He had taught us because as the above verses mentioned (3 But no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside it.. . the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

    They are using bible to test us, of course, but it is no wonder because even Satan use Bible verses when Jesus was tested in the wilderness as it is written in Matthew 4.

    Elohim bless you.

  131. Thomas

    I find it interesting that those who spoke to you used the EXACT verses in the EXACT manner as those who I have spoken with. Quite honestly, I felt I was being handed a crafted sales pitch. While it appeared that the man whom I spoke with was well versed in Biblical passages, it seems a bit scripted. Seeing that this is a trained sermon, I am far less impressed. While I viewed it with an open mind, I felt evil eminating from the second man who stood silent. One answer they could not give me was why, if Jesus was the path to salvation, as prophesized, were their prophesies so cryptic? They cited parable, and hidden knowledge buried by Satan and misinformed clergy. They stated that Satan spoke to confuse and that scripture laid it out but, it has been manipulated to cause us to deny the real truth. When I quoted Jesus “You cannot come to the Father except through me”, I was told that the mother was referenced in a flurry of highlighted passages. So, I posed the question; If you are finding your truth through the same scripture you say is being manipulated, is it possible that your truth is manipulated? “It’s right here, you can see it. You believe the word of God don’t you?” When asked if they had a list of passages supporting their point, I was told they preach in person and was asked for my phone number. NO! They also hinted that the second-coming was here and that the “Father and Mother” are among us but, would not answer as to who they were. They also never mentioned that point again. I told them that my faith and truth come from the Lord and if I ask him through faith he will guide me. They persisted that Satan knows the hearts of men and manipulates the truth. On and on. While it is certainly a good point of study, I cannot see that the Lord would “hide” his truths (they had scriptural references to parables to refute this too).

    A following point, I would like to make. Regarding this discussion. While the Elohim students seem well educated in scripture (at least those that serve their point) and have a well developed and trained delivery system, I see a basic lack of intelligence among them. Be insulted, I don’t care. If you haven’t spoken to one in person, read the posts of those who follow this movement above. Their fundamental lack of spelling and grammar skills speaks of lesser education. Also, the lack of effective articulation in writing is evident. While it takes discipline, and study to present the pitch they’re throwing out, A used car salesman can tell you everything you want to know about a vehicle. That does not imply that a salesman has a greater wordly knowledge. Anyone of reasonable inteligence can be taught to recite scripture, sales information, Ikea assembly instructions, ETC… And furthermore, I can slant scripture to justify such things as racism, violence, retribution, poligamy, chauvanism (all of these things have been done in “God’s name”). Obviously, these things distort God’s word to the “benefit” of the adherents worldy objective. But, those who know God, know love, faith, family, and prayer. The scripture adds too our knowledge of God but, love is the whole of the law. Let us not be confused by all of the “new” ways to salvation out there. If there is a hidden truth, it will be revealed by the Lord alone. One has only to know him.

  132. king

    @grace sorry grace but we don’t have any interpretation by ourselves. we have an answer of those questions in the bible… and i will read to you the answer through the bible. because we believed that the bible can interpret itself and we believed that the bible are complete.
    how can we accept that? its not for us to follow that teaching it is the law of moses which is the law of work… as Christian we follow the law of Christ which is the law of faith.

    Romans 3:27
    Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith.

    the law of moses can’t be saved in christian era…

    Acts 13:39

    And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses.

    we could not be justified by the of moses…
    why the christian follow the law of moses, bible says that we could not be justified by the law of work/moses.

    ows… the explanation and interpretation came from human thoughts? proved it to me grace… bro. eli not interpret the bible or explain it. he only read it because we believed that the bible can interpret and explain itself.

    bro. eli is not the root of david, Jesus Christ is the root of david (not Christ Ahnsahnghong)

    i qoute your statement
    “There is no end for this conversation because they are not willing to accept OUR EXPLANATION, they will just bent the truth as God had prophesied..”

    you have your own explanation? i believed that who have their own interpretation/explanation can bent the truth of God.

  133. king

    @grace or you can’t answer my question to you, or the reason of delaying answer my question because you didnt know the answer.

  134. Sam

    @king Hi king, pls tell me the answer as it seems that they don’t know.. I really would love to know.


  135. Mark

    King is misleading like satan does…God’s truth will win in the end and then we can see who is wrong and who is right.

    God bless you King, but you are flat out wrong about Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father because you have never been to a Church of God, World Mission society, nor have you seen Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father.

    Scriptures are clear…Rev 22:17, Rev 21:2, 9, 19:7, Galatians 4:26. The Jerusalem that is above is free and she is our mother. New Jerusalem Mother from heaven down to this earth, dwelling with men and women on this earth now.

    Peace and love peoples. Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near…not king’s heaven, but the kingdom of heaven…Mother and Father’s/The Spirit and the bride’s kingdom.

    God bless you all again…preach the good news and save souls brothers and sisters and love one another…take care of one another…be good and do good deeds like Mother has taught us…Passover…Sabbath day…talk to friends/family, coworkers, etc…people on the street…homeless etc…they need God and water of life…freely.

  136. king

    just listen to bro. eli soriano…
    www. youtube .com/broelisoriano
    www. esoriano
    www. livestream .com/elisoriano
    www. youtube .com/theoldpathmedia
    www. mcgi .org
    www. youtube .com/theoldpath
    www. youtube .com/truthcaster

  137. king

    the verses that you gave can’t prove the godliness of Jerusalem…

  138. tye

    these people that believe in mother god are very forceful. they talk about free will yet they pretty much pushed me into going to their church. I had alot of questions for them but they kept saying “you need to learn the way that we are teaching you so that you can get a better understanding” but mind you, I was asking questions during the lessons only when things did not seem right to me. During my 2nd visit to their church, I asked them to further explain about mother god and father to which I was told that If I agreed to be baptised on the following day that they would share more info. Against my better judgement I agreed and was baptised the next day. The ceremony itself was ok but it did feel quite weird when they insisted on taking my picture even though I was still dripping wet and said that I did not want a photo taken. again they re EXTREMELY PUSHY. After taking the picture they pulled out a huge book and recorded my name and address. After that I was so put out that I chose to no longer go. But they called my home nonstop for 2 weeks hounding me to come back to church. I then left town to visit some friends but while I was away I kept getting calls from my family back home sayig that these people kept calling to see if I was back even though I’d said that I was NOT INTERESTED. They can be relentless. So much for free will. What creeped me out more was that they had my home address and my picture so once I returned to town I moved…just too creepy especially with all of that talk of recruiting a certain number by 2012. One other thing they constantly talk about this world being an evil place and that we should be preparing for heaven. whenever I would say that the world can be a beautiful place and that its the people within the world they would basically rol their eyes and say “This world is not a place to be anymore, Its too evil and we need to prepare to leave it”

  139. Tyffeni

    God Bless Youu Brothers && Sisters . I am a recently joined member of the Church of God. I have been thru Protestant, Muslim && Catholic teachings. I have questioned many pastors, priests and reverends. None of the anwsers to any of my questions made any sense, Now when I first met two members of the Church of God on my college campus & they studied with me, all there sayings , teachings && verses made the MOST sense out of any religion I have ever been to. The most. && that’s alot coming from skeptical me. When I first partook in Passover , that night I slept the most peaceful sleep of my life. I didnt toss && turn, I didnt have horrible nightmares , or keep waking up in the middle of the night. I was genuinely happy && in love with life for the first time. The Church of God , its teachings && Passover are the best thing to ever happen to me. My life has been very peaceful && wonderful ever since. You can condemn it all you want, you can call us crazy, you can call it a cult [ as my sister kindly has no trouble calling it ] . But at the end of the day , all of Father && Mother’s <3 chosen ones will inherit the kingdom. In the end all his sheep will come back where they belong. So if you are a true brother && sister, you will join our "cult". Just know that Father && Mother only gives eternal life<3 to those who ask for it. I pray for youu && your families, that youu may find truth in your hearts. Dios de bendigas or Gpd Bless Youu <3 :)

  140. Mark

    God bless you sister. Amen! Well said. Father and Mother are the center of all things and we should remember that we love them and we thank them for their tireless love and grace for the children of God. Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem Mother, we love you!!! All praise honor and glory to them forever and ever. Yes, thanks for Passover, especially with disasters taking place the world over. God be with you all brothers and sisters. Come! To the Spirit and the bride! Come! Receive their water of life, quickly, without delay…

  141. genny

    There are a lot of contradictions in the World Mission Society Church of God.
    *They contradict the Bible.
    *They contradict themselves.
    *They contradict historical facts.
    For more information, please visit:
    There is also a forum, where it is much easier to carry on a conversation than in a string of comments here.

    If you are a wmscog member, you have the right to believe what you want, but it’s only right that you are fully informed about it, including the problems.
    If you are struggling with a loved one in the wmscog (like I am), you can find support and encouragement from the above websites.

  142. gloria

    I just want to know.According to the wmcg, is there a difference between jerusalem mother and mother god or is it the same person? I found a gal at college today who approached me in the exact manner mentioned above. What i’d say is that this is not is something else that is yet to be unvailed to those that seek the true God.
    I must say many of you guys saying u went there and got converted, its normal to feel overwhelmed by some dude quoting verse after verse (even out of context), but its not a good enough excuse. If you say you changed because everything they said was in the Bible, then you need to re evaluate because there are so many doctrines that will quote the bible and we cant say they are all true. Remember the Lord’s words about divisions.

  143. Mark

    church website…

    World Mission Society, Church of God

    The Spirit and the bride say “Come!” And let the one who hears say “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty, come, and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life..”

    The Spirit, Holy Spirit, 2nd Coming Christ, and his bride, the wife of the Lamb, the Heavenly New Jerusalem Mother, are asking you to come to them to receive the water of life.

    You have a choice. Come. or not come. God knows who will come.

    God bless you.

  144. Dol Bahadur Budha Thoki

    yes i can Believe she is our mother God ……………………

    really tnx so much for share……
    im always with Our Mother God ………..

  145. Mark

    God bless you because you see who is God, and you hear God
    calling you to “Come!”…receive water of life Amos 8:11~ the water you search for is not physical water, but the very words of God, spiritual water…
    Heavenly Mother gives us this precious water on Sabbath Day, Saturday, 10am/2:30pm/7:30pm worship times and Tuesdays, 3rd day worship…7:30pm @ World Mission Society, Church of God..

  146. king

    www. mcgi. org
    www. esoriano .wordpress .com
    www. youtube .com/theoldpath
    www. youtube. .com/theoldpathtv
    www. youtube. com/truthcaster
    www. youtube .com/broelisoriano
    www. whoisbroeli .com

  147. JABBA

    God cannot be just a full on male thers got too be a female side and if der was no female God or angels then women who go to heaven are goin to be the first females in heaven. besides most of nnature consist of male and female and in the bible the creation proves God’s devine nature (Romans 1:19-20). and for those out there hu do not believe the concept of God look up (colossians 2:8)

  148. Peter

    Thanks! I just had an eerily similar experience, down to the “underlined in red” (I made note that they must have used an architect’s ruler to draw such a strait line.)

  149. Brittany Loera


  150. Ricky Xu

    Thomas makes a good point about writing quality connected with competent thought. It is as though wisdom takes her abilities and clear mind / writing away from fools. I was approached several times by these Church of God people, and both times there was one who talked, and one who stood silent, but also appeared unable to speak intelligently. Both times I felt an evil vibe, like dirty souls of some kind, but feelings not being perfectly accurate I like to keep an open mind and listen to new information, even if I decide against it later. The same as everyone described, they love highlighters, but the second time was this Asian girl who gave her teaching in such a manner, that while I wanted to hear the rest of the story I said to myself, “I am against ignorance for pride, but in this case I think I’ll be ignorant!” I did not like the way she treated me, as though asking me a question, then humiliating me like an errant child that a parent must patiently listen to before correcting. I had to go, and wanted to hear the rest of their fairly interesting point they were leading to, but my nuts were sore and I decided not call them back for more.
    I recently read their creed, it being instantly ridiculous as saying this Korean guy and wife are God, since when God shows up he’s able to prove it and does, or who else made the blind to see? This therefore is clearly what Jesus warned about, saying there would be those claiming to be him, but go not out after them. This is mute as anyone from heaven with the truth in them will feel their spiritual dirtiness and hear their lack of common sense, so they will of their own accord walk away, but these Church of God severe idiots will incur a full bodied, lathered, frothing fill of wrath for these vain and subversive blasphemies. Meanwhile I say answer them with, “Be away from me, you cursed dirty dogs!”
    Think that if we do have a mother in heaven how angry God would be that such persons are using the scripture to sully her. There is clearly a question worth asking, if we have a father in heaven is there not a mother also, but surely if your heart is true and you seek diligently, God will bring you into all knowledge required of the kingdom. Let us say there is a female manifestation of God, she will be God, and be able to prove it beyond controversy, so when she comes she herself should explain all things. And I would imagine she and her friends will have a good vibe, and clear speech, which honors and delights the sons of men. If not, then we will surely find that out as well, but in my opinion the necessities for now are believing Jesus’ blood paid for our sin, and obeying his father’s commandments, which he said clearly, – Matthew 5:18 “For verily I (Jesus) say unto you, Until heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, until all be fulfilled.” And nowhere does it read the law was changed from the day it was given to Moses until now, despite what hell-bound disobedient rebellious dogs say Paul’s writing teaches no law applies to them, that they may continue as iniquitous friends of the world, and approved of men with seminary certifications.

  151. Leyla

    What do wmscog members mean when they say that they are showing “mother’s love” to people? Lying about who they are when they stop you in the mall? Separating people from their spouses and families as we have read above? Claiming “persecution” when people call them on their nonsense?

    Don’t you people realize that when you recruit someone in the mall or where ever, that you are have just signed someone’s family to be damaged? I bet that you rejoice in the manipulation of others. Why not? Misery loves company right? You can keep that “love”. Stop ruining people’s lives. You will have to answer for all of those lives you have ruined by dragging them down with you.

  152. brother on Mount Zion

    Hello and God bless you.
    Heavenly Mother is with us now…New Jerusalem Mother is here.
    All the world is hearing about her now and many people are coming
    to our church to study the bible and learn the truth which Jesus
    told us would happen in these last days…
    I would like to invite you to our church and meet with us to know
    more about God our Father and God our Mother.
    Passover, Sabbath day, Feasts of the new covenant, we keep like
    Jesus did. Today is Saturday and I will be in church as it is Sabbath day.
    Jesus kept sabbath day holy.
    Genesis 2:1-3 the seventh day is a holy day
    Exodus 20:8~11 Remember the 7th day, Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
    Mark 16:1, 9 Jesus resurrected on the 1st day, Sunday, the day after the Sabbath was over…Saturday.
    Saturday is the 7th day of the week and it is a holy day.
    Jesus kept the Sabbath day as was his custom, Luke 4:16~ read from Isaiah in scriptures.
    The disciples kept Sabbath day as well…Acts 17:2, 18:4.

    “Come!” “Come!” The Spirit and the bride say “Come!”

    We invite you to come and learn more.

    27953 E 12th Street, Hayward (San Francisco/Oakland bay area)
    2 blocks north of the South Hayward Station on BART.

    God bless you.

  153. Irmã de Sião

    Ola irmão é isso mesmo que devemos fazer, convidar assim como o Pai e Mãe fiseram eles nos mostraram a verdade e nos deram o exemplo, nós sabemos que ainda assim com a verdade em sua frente muitas pessoas não acreditam, mas sabemos tambem que os verdadeiros santos irão reconhece-la.
    Nesse proximo dia de sabado 03 de dezembro e todos os outros sabados, quem for brasileiro e conhecer este site venha a Igreja de Deus Rua: Presidente faria próximo a praça Santos andrade em Curitiba, espero com todo amor que as pessoas possam abrir seus corações para a verdade.

    Deus Abençoe.

  154. Anonymous

    As pessoas que você chama de “pai e mãe” foram ambos adulterors. Ambos eram casados ​​e tinham filhos antes que eles eram “espiritualmente casadas”. Isso é adultério. Que é um pecado. Nenhum deles jamais será deus. Eles só querem seu dinheiro, trabalho e tempo.

    Visite para mais informações.

  155. joyful brother

    The good news of salvation is being spread to all the world through Passover and by following New Jerusalem MOTHER. She is with us now. Please visit our church to learn more about her and why she is here. She is here to save us.
    The water of life is flowing everyday. Receive the water of life freely as it is a free gift from her. God’s words are perfect and revive the soul. Only God can save us. She is God. She is our MOTHER. Galatians 4:26 but the Jerudalem that is abouve is free and she is our mother. Revelations 21:2,9 the new Jerusalem from heaven from God, the bride, the wife of the Lamb. World Mission Society, Church of God.

  156. Greg

    Ephesians 1:18 thru 23

    People these are a few among many Scriptures, but please do not be deceived… Read the Word of GOD as a whole, not jab and stab out of context and pour meaning into it…

    18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints,
    19 and what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe. These are in accordance with the working of the strength of His might
    20 which He brought about in Christ, when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places,
    21 far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the one to come.
    22 And He put all things in subjection under His feet, and gave Him as head over all things to the church,
    23 which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all.

    Romans 3:4
    May it never be! Rather, let God be found true, though every man be found a liar, as it is written, “ THAT YOU MAY BE JUSTIFIED IN YOUR WORDS, AND PREVAIL WHEN YOU ARE JUDGED.”

  157. mistatat

    i live in the uk.
    these ‘world mission society – church of god’ kids just called at my house.
    i asked them in.
    they did all the same stuff – same bible passages, same highlighter fetish.
    my ones were kind of nervy, though.
    there was a man and a woman.
    the man had bad breath and some kind of really heavy nervous disorder. or he was in a permanent state of shock. he could hardly string a sentence together and none of his arguments were coherent.
    the woman was speaking english as a foreign language (she was korean). she was more coherent but still very nervous.
    they both smiled a lot.
    but it was always that uneasy smile of the oppressed. of the grateful slave.

    i wanted to lay down some facts for them and ruffle their feathers and open their minds but i knew that they were not going to take anything from their encounter with me. they had just come to deliver their presentation and to ask me to come to a bible study.

    i feel sorry for them.
    i don’t know what has happened to each of them to lead them into the open jaws of this sinister religious movement.
    my guess is that, in the case of the man, it was some pretty serious personal trauma that left him open to it and that, in the case of the woman, she had been brought up in that environment and had never thought to question it.

    i was kind of glad when they left.
    he had really bad breath.

  158. Arizona Here

    I am 52 and today is the first I ever heard of these people or movement as I think you refered to them. Any how please let me tell you I was in stitches reading your recolections of events, I mean I am still laughing ( Mother Lovers Alien Seed ). This has to be a script to the detail of the silent partner. Begining to end, that is what happened to me but it only took me a couple hours to start googling for answers. I am not happy with them however as it turns out the female talking to me lied to me because I asked her from the begining what denomination the faith is and she said Christian nondenominational. I also asked what Bible she would be refering to? The NIV, I’m OK with that. My assailant was serious but pleasant and I senced she had to be deemed correct. I assured her that transliteration could lead to confusion and that the Jewish people are absolutly monothesistic and she assured they were wrong about their own writings. She spoke about Jesus second coming, the first as a child and his second I think she refered to in the book of Revelations. I said well that would be the third, What do you mean? I said he came as a child died a man right? yes she replied. Rose from the grave on the third day, oh well that doesnt count. To me it does he lived he died thats one he rose from the dead, spoke to some and ascended to heaven thats two and will come again to me thats three and you want to tell me the hebrews dont know their own language. In closing I thank you for creating this forum firstly your contribution but also reading the comments from others, acceptable to me or not. I have grown closer to Jesus. One can ( who wants to argue the definition of one here? ) but I must conclude from the mirror image of the wittnessing all have described here that something deep lurkes and its not Holy.