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Global Warming Hocus Pocus

3/05/2007 15:02:34

I need to be quick. This needs to be big news and this needs to gather a lot of scrutiny. A whole slew of major evangelical leaders, including James Dobson and Jerry Falwell, are trying to take "creation care" (environmentalism) off the agenda. Richard Cizik, who they want to resign from the National Association of Evangelicals, has been an incredible leader for bringing about awareness among Christians of the profound spiritual need for environmental responsibility.

Please take a moment to look at this article in Christianity Today, follow the links to the unbelievable utterances by Dobson and Falwell, and inform anybody who has any power to support Cizik!

re:Global Warming Hocus Pocus - 3/05/2007 21:25:50
Posted by nathan

I sent the following letter to the editor to Christianity Today:

It is difficult to express fully my disappointment at seeing the article "Dobson, Others Seek Ouster of NAE Vice President" from March 3rd. This vote of no-confidence from so many prominent Christian leaders against the "creation care" activism of Richard Cizik is extremely distressing. They contend that global warming is still under dispute, even as a Congressional commission recently demonstrated that it is nearly indisputable. But global warming aside, what could possibly be wrong with taking the lonely job of advocating a spirituality and politics of responsible stewardship that surely Genesis expects of us? Whether or not we're all about to be swallowed by the oceans, care for what God has given us is an obvious Christian responsibility.

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